I see me – Kristi R Campbell (Guest Bard)

I see the sea and I see me


I touch me
I smell salt
I smell earth
I smell sea
I smell the salt of the earth and of the sea
I see the sea and I see me

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Guest Bard: We Are Fire


Dedicated to Everyone, with all my Love


We are the embers waiting to glow,

We are the seed expecting to grow.


We are the candle flame that lights up the dark,

We are the arrow aiming for its mark.


We are the sunbeam that shines through the storm,

We are the change that brings reform.


A single thought thrown into the wild

“It takes the village to raise a child.”


Just one small spark passed along,

One becomes two and two become strong.


Two becomes a thousand and together they stand,

Heart to heart, hand in hand.


We are the flames that burn ever brighter,

We are the music-makers, the dreamers, the writers.


We are the voices that will be heard,

We shine our light word by word.


The simple hope that lights the night,

You and I are soldiers of light.


We are the love that burns but will not die;

We are the fire…

We light up the sky.


*inspired by Ella Henderson’s song Glow, 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion, and, especially, Lizzi Rogers


Bards Verdict: A beautiful inspiration from the song, and a gorgeous determination that together, we CAN make the difference – we just have to set our hearts on fire with compassion. Love it.

Jesi Scott

Jessica Scott is a Texas native who has been writing since high school. A suburbanite of Dallas/Fort Worth she lives with 1 teen (no explanation needed), a ten-year-old zombie enthusiast, a 3-year-old Tornado, and she is seriously worried about becoming “the crazy cat lady”. She loves: fairy tales, sci-fi movies, Brits, reading, old movies, caramel/toffee, Richard Armitage, poetry, MUSIC, laughing, independent films, theater, writing, Shakespeare, and singing and dancing around the house. She dislikes: cleaning the bathroom, insecurity, running into glass doors/poles/HUGE wall thermostats when people are watching, touching snakes to set a good example, tripping over ottomans (like Dick Van Dyke), false sincerity, bruises she can’t remember getting, indifference, and brussell sprouts.

Her philosophy is this: You can do anything you want to do. All you have to do is do it. The hard part is taking that first step out of your comfort zone. If you can take that one little step towards your dreams, then take another and another, soon you’ll find yourself accomplishing what you thought was impossible yesterday. Turn your impossibles into possiblilities. You are your own worst enemy, and you should be your biggest fan. I’m your second biggest. I believe in you. I got your back, baby!  😉

Remember, “Life is a journey where you stumble and fall”*. What matters most is how you live.

Come on over and see more of Jess Scott her blog, The Lunatic Poet, or meet her on Twitter

Guest Bard (duet): No F***s Given

A bit of a different one today, for my Guest Bard, Serins (of Serins Sphere) decided she’d like to write a poem WITH me, which is completely awesome, as we were both thinking along the same lines with regard to social injustices and our responses at the time. So here you have it – our duet. Thanks Serins 🙂 Lizzi

Homeless Doorway


Brown eyes staring straight at me.

WTF I’m having my cup of tea.


You are wearing such a dirty rag!

You smell of wine and your feet are bare!

No ways am I getting a note from my designer bag!

Because simply put, I don’t care!


Are you walking down the street shaking your head?

Wearing pyjamas and talking to who?

Let me walk to the other side as soon as the traffic light hits red.

Cause you simply seem to have no clue!

Besides I don’t want to catch your kind of flu.


Don’t shout at me “I’m homeless” – I can SEE

But somehow you’re well dressed – so no dice

You were a jerk and so no, you don’t get pity

I would have bought you lunch if you were NICE


I don’t mind the people selling the homeless paper

At least they’re TRYING to help themselves

But when you sit on your ass in the gutter, later

Getting wasted on cheap booze from bottom shelves

Ignoring the homeless shelter, I wanna shake ya


Why don’t you just TRY? I know *I* can’t make ya

But don’t spend stranger’s pennies on cigs and drink

We don’t appreciate that kind of wastrel faker

And would prefer to spend cash on the ones we think

Might use it to improve. Wallowing’s a deal-breaker.




Don’t you dare look down on me with your snot filled nose!

Life has dealt me a hard blow,

So excuse me if I don’t strike a pose!

What do you know?

Apparently you care?

Putting in a good deed, so that the world can see you are fare.


Do you think your bodily excretions don’t stink?

Your apparent blue blood gives you a special kind of stench.

Aren’t we the same underneath the skin?

Your disgust, makes me feel like a vicious kind of sin.


My uncle rapes me nearly every other night!

We are too hungry to put up against this any kind of fight!

So, yes you bitch – I will toss that baby on the street!

It is better off dead then walking in these horrible feet.


You are not better than me!

Why should you have so much?

Sitting there eating that expensive feast?

Of us two who is now the beast?

Take a walk in my shoes, now if you dare!

I’m sad to say that I know this world just does not care!


Guest Bards: The Reaper’s Call

It’s funny where the mind takes you when you’re writing. I started this poem with a completely different direction in mind, but this is where it ended when the words took control and guided me towards their intended destination. DISCLAIMER: This is not how I feel and does not represent anything going on in my life, this is just where my words led me.

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Guest Bards: You Will Never Know Me

Helenas Pony


When Hamlet went mad

I was Ophelia

drowning in a river of tears.

But I came back to play another role

as I always do.

If you thought I was truly Ophelia,

you are Shakespeare’s fickle fool.

I may only be mad north-by-northwest,

but you wear your naïveté like a strait-jacket,

and that froth around your mouth confirms my suspicions.

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Guest Bard: My Name Is…

I’m feeling so drunk
But I have’t been drinking
I’m not even here
I haven’t been thinking

My mind is made up and it won’t stop sinking
It’s going to implode in a way I’m not thinking

It’s all messed up; I failed again
Same old story and it’s stale, my friend
I’ve seen it, heard it, got the tee
But I’ve never been able to be just me

My cloud is my cover but
My cover is cracked
I’m living my life riding piggy back
My supporters who hold me and raise me up high
I’m on my own feet now
But fell down and died
I’m fainting and fitting and having a seizure
This is the only way I’ll ever see ya
Helping and reaching and trying to teach
The space in my head that’s a
Double-dutch niche

I’m failing at life and I cant even see,
The first step that Everyone took before me
When we were sixteen and planning our lives
Yours took off, but mine just died
I failed and failed and failed again
“Why do I keep trying?” I said to my brain
“It’s weak to give up and you’re not done yet
But I’m sweating the small stuff”,
I cried in my bed

I feel like I’m dying and going in deep
To the darkness that rests beneath my feet

The peace, the dark
The everlasting heart
The love of my life
In the the death of my part

I feel your presence with every step I take
You’re waiting for the time when I make a mistake
To come down hard and take my life
I’m still living
Already been knifed

My wounds are seeping my life away
With every step, I lose a day
The light I can see
But just out of reach
Screaming, begging, the voice in my head
It might just be me seeing eyes of dread
The darkness that covers me and locks me inside
I did, I did it, I fell down and died

People will remember the shining girl
Who reached and tried
But just could’t survive
She was good and kind
But hated herself
All because of me,
A cheeky little elf

My name is Depression
I am a murderer of the living


Depression Talking

Introducing Sarah; Guest Bard Extraordinaire, for she is not a blogger, nor (yet) a writer, but she is certainly a poet. It’s alright though – it runs in the family – she’s Lizzi’s Sister, and mother of Niece and Neff 🙂


Bards’ Verdict:An incredibly powerful piece, with raw emotion and Very Deep Feels.