Beyond the Fog


Beyond the Fog

By Jesi Scott


Find your way o’er enchanted seas

Loose the sail and catch the breeze

Bring your heart and bend the knee

Come and stay with me


Seize the day and make your start

Don’t be blinded by the dark

Stay the course, the fog will part

Come and claim my heart


In the earth, we’ll delight

We, the heavens will excite

Love is always our birthright

Dance with me tonight


Loose the sail and catch the breeze

Bring your heart and be at ease

Find your way and live care free

Come and stay with me


Poetry for Peace

I found out about this fabulous initiative – Poets for Peace – through the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion group on Facebook, and it looks like a glorious collaboration, which I’d like to be part of. So I’ve put my poet’s thinking-cap on, and I’m staring at a blank page to see what falls out onto it…and if it’s good enough (for me), I’ll join it in.

(To be fair, if it’s not good enough for me, you won’t see it either, but I still want to promote the collaboration and share the word with others who might be interested in adding their words to the project.) Continue reading

Beware of Trojans Hiding in the Dessert



Rich, velvet-smoothed decadence

Of chocolate cheesecake death,

Topped with whipped cream.

The only thing missing from his apology,

Besides the actual words,

Was the cherry on top,

And he ate half before I had a single bite;

So much for asking for forgiveness.

Chocolate apologies lie.


* Written in 2014 after being brought a physical apology instead of a verbal one. Needless to say, it wasn’t a sincere apology in the least, but did inspire a poem to immortalize the situation. 😉 #BewareOfWriters

How Beautiful Her Face


blue moon-970-80

Watch her beautiful face, how it shines

Round and full,

But not smooth…

No, her skin is not smooth at all.

Her face is showing her age,

Marked with cracks and crags,

Blemishes upon the white surface.

No matter how much she powders it,

The scars show through.

And so, she slowly loses her confidence,

Begins to turn away from me

And hide.

Every night I tell her how lovely she is,

Profess my love for her and her missing smile.

It takes a while,

But ever so gracefully she turns back around

And shines her light on me again.

How beautiful she is, my moon-

Aged and scarred, yes,

But beautiful, nevertheless.


The prompt for this week from Poets On the Page was to write a poem about cycles. What better correlation to make than the comparison between women and the moon?