#OctPoWriMo Day 5: Sharp


Angry girl,

why do you run with scissors on your tongue?

One fall

and down comes all.


Angry girl,

Sharp words enemies make to rake

you over the coals.

Release those goals.


Angry girl,

Acid words cut like swords.

Forgive, and let go your pain.

Be cleansed and smile again.


Angry girl,

Why do you run with scissors on your tongue?

One fall,

and down comes all.


*Really have no idea the inspiration for this one. Thinking about sharp things and sharp words so arguments came to mind and I began writing. Along the way the idea came to me about how whenever we’re angry we say things to wound, or we might walk away and do something dangerous or that can hurt someone or ourselves. I’ve heard people laugh and make jokes about running with scissors but it’s never funny when the thing you least expect actually happens. In fact, it’s sort of breath-taking and shocking, even though you were warned. I titled this one Pointed Words-a little tongue in cheek there.


#OctPoWriMo Day 4: Purple


They dressed me in it every holiday,

The color I hated with royal passion.

Purple rain infuses my skin.


Never was I good enough for other colors;

No, it was always grape for me.

They dressed me in it every holiday.


Except one Christmas of sky-blue hue

A princess dress I wore that never bore

The color I hated with royal passion.


Now see what lies within these noble veins

That lay hidden all those years ago…

Purple rain infuses my skin.


*Original title is Blue-Blooded. The poetry type is Cascade. The inspiration came from my childhood when for every holiday my step-grandmother would make holiday dresses for me in purple. My favorite color was blue but my cousin (who also had blonde hair) was dressed in it. The irony is that her favorite color was purple. We laugh about it now but it was a constant source of dread every year growing up. 🙂

#OctPoWriMo Day 3: Sparkling



There she is across the pond

Throwing glitter into the air,

Wishing for a breeze to send it your way,

A little of her love drifting to you there.


See the smile that spreads o’er her face,

The sparkle that lights up her eyes,

Thoughts of you light her days

And shine in her night-clad skies.


#OctPoWriMo Day 3. Who sparkles more than our very own Glitterbomber? She deserves an ode.

#OCtPoWriMo Day 2: Void



Alone, I walk this desolate land

Though friends I see on either hand

Walking along with downcast head

On this path our weary feet do tread.


Barren dunes under a quiescent sky

Phantom battles magnify

Over and over lost words we said

On this path our weary feet do tread.


Into the void to gain perspective

To survive Life’s ravages our objective

To emerge restored despair we bled

On this path our weary feet do tread.


*Day 2’s offering for #OctPoWriMo. I enter the void a lot. In fact, I’ve lived there this summer and am currently trying to fight the current and find my way to shore. The void is necessary, I think, to prepare your spirit to face more struggle. Life is beautiful but it is also hard and can be terrifying; it is necessary to cultivate a place to simply exist without emotion because carrying the weight on your shoulders is exhausting. I’ve tried to evoke how I feel when I’m in the void in my attempt at a Kyrielle. Though we feel all alone in the vastness of the place, the void is actually rather crowded because we are all there fighting many of the same battles. However, it often feels as if a chasm exists between us all, doesn’t it?


The Reverie

zoebyrd-e1441214843389***In honor of the first edition of the Reverie (in which I am privileged to be featured), I am breaking with my usual format of plain ol’ silliness and posting an old favorite- it’s a bit out of character, and angsty poem. Wanna see another angsty-one-a-la-Ivy, then get to the Reverie or download a free copy of the entire first edition today from Kindle. 

Octpowrimo: day 11 and a link...


Secure as I slept,

So out of character to feel sheltered by another’s presence.

Feather light kisses to my closed and trusting eyes—I wake.

“Is it time?”

Don’t let it be time.

            You don’t fear the quest. There is no self-doubt.

In its place an all-consuming determination to defend those you love, here and gone.


We always anticipated it would be you,

Your arms around me as I slipped away,

My hand in yours.

It was all a set-up, a confidence game of the fates,

We didn’t realize the train was coming,

Or that the roster had changed.

The morning you stepped away

off to places I could only try to understand,

I still believed you’d return.


How foolish to think Jupiter lived by earthly rules,

Hurling bolts of lightning while we brazenly tempted fate.

The strike was made—our destiny sealed,

Impenetrable and unyielding to our impassioned pleas.


Badge 4

I will stand strong

I will stand strong

Using the prompt from OctPoWriMo, and a challenge from my dear friend, Hastywords – there are layers of meaning here, even if the poetry is micro. I tend to be the kind to get alongside people in their battles, and I can’t stand by and see a friend hurting. I will be THERE, cheering them on, doing my best to support and assist in any way I can. I find other people’s demons much easier to battle than my own.