Medical Mutiny

30 years ago:
Scanning for signs of betrayal-
Evidence of treason.
Justifying a massive retaliative strike-
Chemical warfare,
Evil for evil.
We lose the battle,
We win the war

20 years ago:
Treasonous cells having never left,
lay in wait to attack
the weakened ground gained
in the decade long defensive.
New science, more chemicals,
Cloned soldiers-
The battle is won-
The war rages on.

10 years ago:
Has any man-made offensive
raged so long?
Covert operations- fickle bastards,
sneak attack.
The invaders have wreaked havoc
on the mother land.
Difficult to comprehend –
this strike may decide the war.
We are stronger-weaker than before-
but stronger.

All defensive operations
have moved north.
I live in my head.
These mutant cells continue their efforts
to evict my spirit.
Ignorant of self-destruction-
unaware they commit hara-kiri.
The soul will live on unencumbered.


I will stand strong

I will stand strong

Using the prompt from OctPoWriMo, and a challenge from my dear friend, Hastywords – there are layers of meaning here, even if the poetry is micro. I tend to be the kind to get alongside people in their battles, and I can’t stand by and see a friend hurting. I will be THERE, cheering them on, doing my best to support and assist in any way I can. I find other people’s demons much easier to battle than my own.



Samhainophobia (Fear of Halloween)

unnamed (1) 
** sung to the tune of I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day**

Samhainophobes tremble with fear, as Halloween approaches near,

And pumpkins light the darkest night

As spectral relatives appear!

The little poops from down the street

Drape toilet paper from the trees,

Then have the nads, with open bags

To beg me for a “trick or treat!”

tp_tree_003-776158 source

Instead I sit down very still, outside my kitchen window sill

As a propped scarecrow, in the night shadow,

And give the little cruds a thrill!

Now – they leave in shaking boots,

Don’t know their folks were in cahoots,

And safely head, on up to bed

While their parents eat up all their loot!


 ** It’s actually just the first two verses.

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

An English Query


Why do you suppose rough and cough don’t rhyme

but bony and bologna do?

How bad off was that first poor slob

who thought breaking a leg was good luck for you?

If I thought it a slim chance that you reach your goal,

would the words fat chance escape my pie hole?

It sounds a bit dirty to use the word tittle

but it’s really just the dot on an i that is little.

Why do I find English a query,

When I should just be thankful I’m not speaking Kashmiri?

I once learned Tibetan to challenge my brain,

but stopped when I found there were only three words profane!

English has served me well enough I suppose,

Where else will I get terms like lead by the nose?

If I were Greek could I be as happy as a clam?

Or if I lived in Russia, would I still give a damn?

I’m not complaining. about the occasional misquote.

No, something bigger has done got my goat.

Skips the Vamp




 This is a two fer post… for the OctPoWriMo and TWO SHOES TUESDAY… the prompts were mist or moon.

00OctPoWriMoTwo Shoes Tuesdsay


Lurking along the Parisian countryside

Under misty moonlit cover of night,

To the peak of the Tower Eiffel he flew

In hopes of a kiss with a lethal bite.


Thus was the buss of the vampire poodle!


Upon his hideous manifestation

The damsel faint with vaporous throes.

Less panther than frightened feline,

He transformed her angst to vampiric repose


Thus was the buss of the vampire poodle!


Amongst the French villagers, in passing conversations

Cést la vie is heard far less often these days.

No one roams moonlit cities very long past the dusk

If they do they come prepared with fraise


Because of the buss of the vampire poodle!