Origins: Where I’m From

Little Me

I am from endless playing in the garden, from jam-on-toast and real coal fires. Continue reading


You SO are

Hardwired Sunset Heart


I will not have it.

I’ll brook no argument.

I’ll tackle all those demons

With their malicious, hate intent

Those ones who whisper in your ear

Who play upon your every fear

Who stalk your shadows and stick too near

I’ll batter them.

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In development

Two Shoes Tuesdsay

I’m not sure if it’s wisdom or foolishness to give the care of the depressed to the depressed…

either way it fits the cues…



The whole thing is rather ironic

a soul such as mine so dystonic

would be entrusted with the care

of those who live there

it makes depression all that more sardonic


(addendum 11/11 pm)

I suppose if the shoe fits, you wear it

despite your mood being disparet

from that which you preach

to those in the breach

thus saving us all from the garotte


I might add to this poem as I go… who knows? ~z

feel free to add to it in the comments and we will put it all together