She lived her life dessicated,

An arid desert in the heat of summer…

Dusty sand that scours raw the skin

And the few crumbling brown plants,

dead for lack of moisture.


Then came the storms

With drops that hissed and sizzled,

And drowned the parched land

Bringing life to the xeriscape,

And hope bloomed in profusion.


*First new poem of 2018


Poetry for Peace

I found out about this fabulous initiative – Poets for Peace – through the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion group on Facebook, and it looks like a glorious collaboration, which I’d like to be part of. So I’ve put my poet’s thinking-cap on, and I’m staring at a blank page to see what falls out onto it…and if it’s good enough (for me), I’ll join it in.

(To be fair, if it’s not good enough for me, you won’t see it either, but I still want to promote the collaboration and share the word with others who might be interested in adding their words to the project.) Continue reading

I hear you

Sunset Heart


I hear you
Determined, and focussed in
Working through the alls
And everythings
But bright;
Alive with light and purpose
I know that deep inside
You know it’s worth this
I won’t get pictures of you on the floor
Won’t hear a death-tinged voice
Those only make me love you more
And wish I could fight on your behalf
But hey, for now
No tears
No demons:
We can laugh
And talk of fun and future plans
The world is sun and hope
And nothing damns
Or consigns you to the dark
No wicked fray
But dark or light, you know
I love you,

Crossing the line


Allow me
To quietly open
The door of your mind
And sneak in
To stand before you;
Waiting for you to beckon…

If you do,
I’ll travel a million miles
Or two heartbeats
To be with you –
To find the welcome of your arms
And step in.

I would hold you in my gaze
Outline your collarbone
With butterfly kisses
And drown in the scent
Pooled in the hollow of your throat

With feather-thumbs
I’d caress your face
Let fingertips whisper
Around and behind your nape
To draw you in
To kiss
And let the planets stop their tracks
As I quench myself on your lips –
You are my oxgen
And in my dizzied mind
My tongue

All thought of lines abandoned
My eyes are dark with want
I’ve a fiery heart and poet’s tongue,
My hands are massage-taught
I’ll be yours completely
You could hold me captivated
Let your spell forever drench me
I’ll make you want to keep me

I’ll journey lingered trails
Along your length
Touching, tasting every inch
Savouring every lip-bit, gasping breath
Already I know you inside out
So let me sense my way
From outside in –
Let me become your drug
All you need to do is begin
Just let me take you.

Let me discover how to make you melt
Let me dance with glee, as your body responds
To things you won’t believe you felt
I’ll send your pulse quick-slow
In foxtrot beat
I’ll oil and stoke your ember glow
Can you feel the heat?

I’m running hot, and ready to consume,
Engulf and devour and learn
The lesson of you.
Enjoy the journey,
For you are my crash and burn –
I’m going down.

I hope you’re coming with me…

I’ll be by your side

Broken Heart


I can think of younger days, when living for my life
Was everything a man could want to do
Nothing could ever induce me to want you to live this way
No advice I could give would help, so fall to your knees and pray
Raise your hands, raise your voice, let them hear what you have to say
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

I could never see tomorrow
I was never told about the sorrow

It’s impossible to adequately prepare for the pain of such regret
Wander through memories and I’ll follow, embracing the ones you wanna forget
I’m bringing my light to your darkness and trying to establish an offset
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

How can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?

I’m watching you stumble, drenched in teardrops and pouring rain
Can you sense that mine tumbled, through the way your heart’s rent with pain
I’m nothing, but all yours, I’ll return to you forever again
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
If you let me I’ll dive head-first into your fiercest of winter storms
I’ll stand with my fists raised screaming obscenities at the clouds as they form
Snarling at the demons as they take up their routines and start to perform
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

How can you mend this broken man?
How can a loser ever win?
You were never a loser but always almost perfection to me
You have eyes but you’re blind and you can never accept what I see
Concede that our lives can be lived in place between brutal and beautifully
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

Please, won’t you help me mend
my broken heart
And let me live again…
Let me forever appeal to the portion of you that wants to survive
Insufficient to me for you to merely exist – I want you to be happy and thrive
Take my hand and keep hold, let me love you until you’re feeling alive
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

With apologies to Al Green, and all love to S ❤

That old refrain

I have no need of me


Entrapped by insufficiency like hunger turning in

Seduced by my inadequacy and drowning in my skin

Undone, uncaring, giving up – I let the demons win

I want you, but I have no need of me.


I hear your pretty words but I’m beyond your kind of wise

There’s blood beneath my nails and only darkness in my eyes

Through poetry I know I live my truths in plain disguise

I want you, but I have no need of me.


You pin me to existence but it’s not the life I want

Deny! Deny! Deny! I toe-tap-whistle; nonchalant

Release me; keep me; break me – I could be your doll to flaunt

I want you, but I have no need of me.


Effacing my existence voids a mirror of derision

You could ne’er make me regret or change this wrong decision

Yet I stumble, finding fault; requiring more revision

I want you, but I have no need of me.


I didn’t want to fall but these things follow no-one’s plan

The sting and smart and shock serves to remind me that I am

Enigma, liar, hypocrite -untrustworthy; a sham

I want you, but I have no need of me.


And yet you love me, Anyway… and wrap me round with light

You tell me that I’ll be okay – to not give up the fight

I wish I could relinquish this and let you prove you’re right

I want you, but I have no need of me.



Guest Bard: We Are Fire


Dedicated to Everyone, with all my Love


We are the embers waiting to glow,

We are the seed expecting to grow.


We are the candle flame that lights up the dark,

We are the arrow aiming for its mark.


We are the sunbeam that shines through the storm,

We are the change that brings reform.


A single thought thrown into the wild

“It takes the village to raise a child.”


Just one small spark passed along,

One becomes two and two become strong.


Two becomes a thousand and together they stand,

Heart to heart, hand in hand.


We are the flames that burn ever brighter,

We are the music-makers, the dreamers, the writers.


We are the voices that will be heard,

We shine our light word by word.


The simple hope that lights the night,

You and I are soldiers of light.


We are the love that burns but will not die;

We are the fire…

We light up the sky.


*inspired by Ella Henderson’s song Glow, 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion, and, especially, Lizzi Rogers


Bards Verdict: A beautiful inspiration from the song, and a gorgeous determination that together, we CAN make the difference – we just have to set our hearts on fire with compassion. Love it.

Jesi Scott

Jessica Scott is a Texas native who has been writing since high school. A suburbanite of Dallas/Fort Worth she lives with 1 teen (no explanation needed), a ten-year-old zombie enthusiast, a 3-year-old Tornado, and she is seriously worried about becoming “the crazy cat lady”. She loves: fairy tales, sci-fi movies, Brits, reading, old movies, caramel/toffee, Richard Armitage, poetry, MUSIC, laughing, independent films, theater, writing, Shakespeare, and singing and dancing around the house. She dislikes: cleaning the bathroom, insecurity, running into glass doors/poles/HUGE wall thermostats when people are watching, touching snakes to set a good example, tripping over ottomans (like Dick Van Dyke), false sincerity, bruises she can’t remember getting, indifference, and brussell sprouts.

Her philosophy is this: You can do anything you want to do. All you have to do is do it. The hard part is taking that first step out of your comfort zone. If you can take that one little step towards your dreams, then take another and another, soon you’ll find yourself accomplishing what you thought was impossible yesterday. Turn your impossibles into possiblilities. You are your own worst enemy, and you should be your biggest fan. I’m your second biggest. I believe in you. I got your back, baby!  😉

Remember, “Life is a journey where you stumble and fall”*. What matters most is how you live.

Come on over and see more of Jess Scott her blog, The Lunatic Poet, or meet her on Twitter