The Reverie

zoebyrd-e1441214843389***In honor of the first edition of the Reverie (in which I am privileged to be featured), I am breaking with my usual format of plain ol’ silliness and posting an old favorite- it’s a bit out of character, and angsty poem. Wanna see another angsty-one-a-la-Ivy, then get to the Reverie or download a free copy of the entire first edition today from Kindle. 

Octpowrimo: day 11 and a link...


Secure as I slept,

So out of character to feel sheltered by another’s presence.

Feather light kisses to my closed and trusting eyes—I wake.

“Is it time?”

Don’t let it be time.

            You don’t fear the quest. There is no self-doubt.

In its place an all-consuming determination to defend those you love, here and gone.


We always anticipated it would be you,

Your arms around me as I slipped away,

My hand in yours.

It was all a set-up, a confidence game of the fates,

We didn’t realize the train was coming,

Or that the roster had changed.

The morning you stepped away

off to places I could only try to understand,

I still believed you’d return.


How foolish to think Jupiter lived by earthly rules,

Hurling bolts of lightning while we brazenly tempted fate.

The strike was made—our destiny sealed,

Impenetrable and unyielding to our impassioned pleas.


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OCTPOWRIMO Day …what day is it?

***Still down with whatever…After this dream I went and took care of my dehydration problem…
20120315092504_sequoia-coast-redwoods-muir-woods-415114_621x320 source

Restless dreaming…

Redwood trees push into the skyline with dizzying perspectives.

The eerie opening of some ancient coffer breaks the silence.

Only branches overhead, I sigh in relief.

Gazing upward,

It’s descending with talons open!

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A Little Off the Top

In my continuing effort to have minimal angst in my poetry (at least for a little while), I will tempt the fates and address an issue that often causes a dismal amount of angst for many… Z~


Sandy went looking through magazines

For a glamorous new style for her mane.

She found one or two

crazy cuts to eschew.

She was so tired of feeling Plain Jane.


 She could have taken a page from Dear Lizzi,

Not carrot, or auburn, or brick.

She went all bright cherry

cuz she tends to be daring,

due to a bit of fun-loving Old Nick!


Once jet black, feral and unruly,

Lydia’s hair was now long and grey.

It grew back after chemo

straight, grey and quite primo

It’s the best thing she got from C- A.


WJ’s hair stayed silky and long

like the heart of her core that beat wild.

She let it fly with the air,

Like she hadn’t a care

In her heart she was Zephyr’s love child.


Mike unconstrained, shaved his head.

Patterned baldness frustrated attempts

for exuberant locks-

Now he’d be the Grey Fox,

changed from youth when he’d been so unkempt.


Then there was poor little Skip

who awoke  just wanting a trim

He said to the groomer

“I will be in ill-humor

If too much comes off, I’ll be grim!”


Uh, yeah, Skip is pretty grim.

If Yoda had a puppy.

If Yoda had a puppy.

K. Kay?

images (1)

I wonder if the kaka bird is jealous of the kagu?

It seems so unfair the distribution of names.

Did someone tickle the funnybone when the Kiwis were naming their parrot friend,

or was it misery loves company?


One has to wonder how the ked, wingless but bloodthirsty,

climbs aboard its moving targets.

Does it catch a ride on the kebbie of a passing shepherd?

Perhaps it’s reliant upon an old keffel or two wandering by.


At University I studied kinesthetics and kinesiology

in hopes of working the kinkles through kinematics.

What possible reason to turn ones back on kyphosis?

Traded  in for the koans of humanity.


But it’s not all Kuru and questions, the letter K.

K can be the delicate golden sparkle of a silken kincob.

The dizzying head rush carried on the wafting smoke of a kif.

K is the ecstasy of kareeza with your kickie-wickie.  Z~

Kaka: a bird native to New Zealand 
Kagu: a bird native to New Caledonia 
Kiwis: a colloquialism for  New Zealanders
Ked: a wingless fly that preys on livestock
Kebbie: a shepherd’s crook
Keffel: an old horse, a nag
Kinesthetics: study of movement
Kinesiology: study of muscle
Kinkles: a slight kink
Kyphosis: a spinal deformity, hunchback
Koans: unanswerable questions
Kuru: a brain disease transmitted by cannibalism 
Kincob: silk embroidered with gold and silver threads
Kif: marijuana
Kareeza: a prolonged orgasm
Kickie-wickie: a wife



My brother came to me in a dream

He thanked me for standing by him,

For believing him when very few could.

I told him I never believed him.


“You didn’t want to know,

You never asked.

You just wanted to think that someone believed.

I didn’t matter to you.

What I thought was never of great consequence.

You just didn’t care if I believed you or not.

So why come to me now?

Are you searching?

Or is this my doing,

Somewhere in a restive slumber

Hoping beyond hope that you could?”


The whole thing has me worn.

I’m tired of praying that my disbelief is the sin of my arrogance,

That the truth has not gone with him to the grave.

I hope I was wrong to think him a liar,

Because even if he didn’t care what I thought,

I care what he did.

Two Shoes Tuesdsay the cue was “tattered.”



Words don’t come easy
to those with a tender heart.
A subtle sensibility
of the potential that can lurk
in the human form.
Prudent, circumspect of others,
shying away from contact
until sure of yourself.
No, not yourself.
You seek the security of kindred spirits.
Allowing yourself to bond with all those
who will lift and guide your cautious soul
through the adventure of life.
Trust in them.
Trust in yourself.

And what an adventure it will be!
Such hope-
Remember all things are not possible for anyone,
But you are budding within the realm of
Your own possibilities-
And they are many!
You, who have captured the paradox
Of caution mixed with peril.
You throw it all to the wind!
You take risks with all but the human heart.
Wise beyond your years-
The world is yours.


You inspire me! Thanks!

Octpowrimo:days 12 & 13

Haven of protection,
Help me find balance-
welcoming stillness-
Preserve my humanity-
Revive my compassion-
Restore my spirit-
Envelope me in comfort-
Reawaken my empathy-
Rejuvenate my soul-
Just a short respite, please
 so that tomorrow
 I can care again. z~


B cells, C cells

The cacophony of cancer

Follicular, nonfollicular

Folliculee, Follicula

Attacked by a carcinogenic glee club

All I hear now are dirges

Termination, Closure
The cessation of survival
Silent, soundless

Reticent harmony

Forced into the act of living

An evesdropper on my own life

Listening for the sounds of adventure


 joining the moonshine grid…