Love, in ten lines

I got challenged by the very creative and wonderful ‘SourGirlOhio‘ to come up with an incredibly constricted poem on love. I haven’t decided whether love is a topic I try to avoid, or one I wax lyrical on pretty much all the time. Perhaps it depends on your perspective.

Love in Ten Lines

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Only ten.

Only ten.

Only ten?


1. you

2. us

3. them

4. those

5. halfway there.

6. him

7. her

8. moi

9. y’all

10. whew!

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Too Hasty


I fall into enraptured blues

Hear your heart; your world; your thoughts; your news

Why, whene’er you have something to say

Do people stick to surface?

Leave skin-deep impressions?

Not thinking they

Contribute – don’t they KNOW to what?

How can they be so blind?

Do they do it wilfully? Do they notice?


Too Hasty, though

For all they see

Is what pleaseth their eyes

And comment thus – glowing reviews;

Your looks there summarised.

You can be gorgeous – yes, it’s true

But why focus on THAT part?

They miss SO MUCH;

If only they knew

The beauty of

Your heart


Hardwired Sunset Heart