I step into the silence,
The nights are black out here.
The planet curves in a visible arc overhead.
I watch the night clouds move past twinkling pinpoints of light.

Peaceful sanctuary,
despite the bone-chilling cold-
forcing me to walk backward into the night.
                                                                   I brace myself against the assaulting wind.

Quiet movement in the periphery-
foot prints in the virgin snow.
Inhabitants of the night flee to
make way for the intruder.

I will never belong-
Forever the outsider.
They will always flee,
though for eternity I will revel at the site of them.

birds & mice



The Ballad of the Redneck Two

Our Bobby-Joe and Betty-Lou
Found they had shopping still to do
Yet still they sat there, quite replete
Chattin’ on Facebook an’ sendin’ Tweets

Til Betty-Lou (who was getting’ cold
And wanted food ‘fore the night grew old)
Said “Bobby-Joe, you move yer ass
An’ we’ll get these groceries done real fast

‘Cause elsewise we’ll run outta time
You KNOW the store’s gon’ close at nine!”
So Bobby-Joe fetched bags galore
And off they went to the Lidl’est store

Yet just gettin’ into their old red car
That Bobby-Joe done grab too fa-
St and the handle stuck. Embarrassed coughs
While Betty-Lou screeched “OH F*** OFF!”

Off they went, still cold and shiverin’
Wishing Lidl did deliverin’
They bickered together the whole way round
But as a team, the items found

The trolley was pushed by Bobby-Joe
Betty-Lou kept the list and so
Eventually, the groceries done
They turned and left (still arguin’ on)

Across the car-park, now quite cloudy
They kept up the loud and rowdy
They jostled and yelled and bums got pinched
Slow but sure they homeward inched

They loaded up from the back of the car
To carry the bags (not very far)
But Betty-Lou ended up with more
In spite of how her feet were sore

Said B-J “I need this hand free
To give me some dexterity
To open the door for you, you hag!”
B-L hit him with her bag

So he chased her up the stairs
Not wondering if the neighbours cared
They screeched and whittered with all their might
There’s nothing like a shopping fight

And yet once they were through the door
They were transformed – became once more
That respectable couple you all know
The reserved and elegant Lizzi and Joe

Missionary Sadie… Two Shoes Tuesday

Josie at Two Shoes in Texas, is once again hosting Two Shoes Tuesday! This week’s prompts were either ‘fast’ or ‘smile.’

Missionary Sadie

Missionary Sadie left for the reason
to save cannibal souls from high treason.
She found herself frightened
and her caution was heightened,
because it was their holiday season.

And the rumor was they’re more liable
to dine on one with a Bible.
if she were inept
and made a misstep,
she’d be invited to lunch, undeniable.

So she taught them that life everlasting
would come to them just for the asking,
if they’d not consume others,
and if she had her druthers
they’d devote to a life full of fasting.  z~



All those childhood nights constructing roads my adult self would be forced to follow.

Nights leading to weeks to months and years of ineffective rest —

The insomniac’s nightmare.

It seems a shame to consume further opportunity for rest on inexplicable reverie,

But what is sleep without dreams?

Insomniac no longer — just another unwilling to close my eyes.

Medical Mutiny

30 years ago:
Scanning for signs of betrayal-
Evidence of treason.
Justifying a massive retaliative strike-
Chemical warfare,
Evil for evil.
We lose the battle,
We win the war

20 years ago:
Treasonous cells having never left,
lay in wait to attack
the weakened ground gained
in the decade long defensive.
New science, more chemicals,
Cloned soldiers-
The battle is won-
The war rages on.

10 years ago:
Has any man-made offensive
raged so long?
Covert operations- fickle bastards,
sneak attack.
The invaders have wreaked havoc
on the mother land.
Difficult to comprehend –
this strike may decide the war.
We are stronger-weaker than before-
but stronger.

All defensive operations
have moved north.
I live in my head.
These mutant cells continue their efforts
to evict my spirit.
Ignorant of self-destruction-
unaware they commit hara-kiri.
The soul will live on unencumbered.



This is a photo of my parents. It features center stage on my refrigerator… The second poem was inspired by all of the photos being magnetically held to my fridge. The first one is fairly self explanatory. Z~

The View From Here
My mother
sat by my side
as I drove past the school
I attended as a child.
The school yard
divided neatly in four,
was the same
and yet so different.
My vision skewed
by size and youth,
It was far too expansive then.
I could never throw a ball
clear across 
the cement playing field.
The stairs no longer
appear insurmountable.
Then I turn-
I see my mother.
This point of view
has somehow
worked in reverse.
No longer unassailable,
or larger than life,
is not hers to pretend.
When did she become so small?

Refrigerator Dancers

Black and white glossies in spectator shoes and woolen coats
Give way to pursed lipped kisses in the Coupe, long legs posed like Betty.
She’ll go with him in uniform—she, still one dimensional lacking hue.
Little does he know, he’s a pinup too. He’s doing the icebox waltz.

Time passage yields little faces grouped in hats and mittens in the snow.
Chevy’s occupy the background, gold and avocado greens dominate the kitchen landscape.
The puppy planet, held by apple green magnets, inhabits a prominent spot mid-door.

The budding artist–offspring, not of Betty and her mate but the generation next.
Daddy’s art work is long gone, committed to the memory of a sentimental storyteller.
Toothless school photos yield to the performing arts—drama and dance recitals
Holidays illustrated in detail, gifts and tables set with heirlooms from the icebox days.
Commencement depicts another generation advancing in polaroid
Until they too step aside, making room for the next refrigerator dancers. z~

For Lizzie and Hers

The day will come
When our souls merge in a supernova

of unconditional love
When I sing for you the unsung lullabies
And mesmerise your sense of wonder with untold fairy tales
When you hear me say
“I love you,”
When you reach for my face
And I kiss yours in gratitude

The day will come
All of this will come

When we meet again

xo Z~