Guest Bard (duet): No F***s Given

A bit of a different one today, for my Guest Bard, Serins (of Serins Sphere) decided she’d like to write a poem WITH me, which is completely awesome, as we were both thinking along the same lines with regard to social injustices and our responses at the time. So here you have it – our duet. Thanks Serins 🙂 Lizzi

Homeless Doorway


Brown eyes staring straight at me.

WTF I’m having my cup of tea.


You are wearing such a dirty rag!

You smell of wine and your feet are bare!

No ways am I getting a note from my designer bag!

Because simply put, I don’t care!


Are you walking down the street shaking your head?

Wearing pyjamas and talking to who?

Let me walk to the other side as soon as the traffic light hits red.

Cause you simply seem to have no clue!

Besides I don’t want to catch your kind of flu.


Don’t shout at me “I’m homeless” – I can SEE

But somehow you’re well dressed – so no dice

You were a jerk and so no, you don’t get pity

I would have bought you lunch if you were NICE


I don’t mind the people selling the homeless paper

At least they’re TRYING to help themselves

But when you sit on your ass in the gutter, later

Getting wasted on cheap booze from bottom shelves

Ignoring the homeless shelter, I wanna shake ya


Why don’t you just TRY? I know *I* can’t make ya

But don’t spend stranger’s pennies on cigs and drink

We don’t appreciate that kind of wastrel faker

And would prefer to spend cash on the ones we think

Might use it to improve. Wallowing’s a deal-breaker.




Don’t you dare look down on me with your snot filled nose!

Life has dealt me a hard blow,

So excuse me if I don’t strike a pose!

What do you know?

Apparently you care?

Putting in a good deed, so that the world can see you are fare.


Do you think your bodily excretions don’t stink?

Your apparent blue blood gives you a special kind of stench.

Aren’t we the same underneath the skin?

Your disgust, makes me feel like a vicious kind of sin.


My uncle rapes me nearly every other night!

We are too hungry to put up against this any kind of fight!

So, yes you bitch – I will toss that baby on the street!

It is better off dead then walking in these horrible feet.


You are not better than me!

Why should you have so much?

Sitting there eating that expensive feast?

Of us two who is now the beast?

Take a walk in my shoes, now if you dare!

I’m sad to say that I know this world just does not care!