Guest Bard: Dragonfly

Rooted resentment under skin lies
She wants to forgive, tries and tries
An olive branch extended
She accepts but resists
Realization sifts
Through the old pain
She begins
To for

Beth Teliho is a wife, mother of two lunatic boys, writer, and artist living in wouldntyouliketoknow, Texas. WriterB is Me is where she unleashes her candid, crazy, sometimes filthy, a little naughty, but-will-always-leave-you-with-a-smile stories. You’ve been warned. 
Twitter: @beth_teliho
Bards’ Verdict: Beth writes so beautifully it hurts. There is much beneath the surface of her poems and the wonder is in trying to follow the threads from her words to her soul, and maybe, if you look hard enough, catching a glimpse.


If your life were a tree

If your life were a tree
It would start
With soft leaves
Branches ready to grow
And the sky’s the limit.
It would get bigger then
And more difficult
To climb;
It would grit its roots
And hang on.
It’s leaves might
Turn brittle
Tangled branches
Showing the stress
Of living; of life.
The climb would be easy
Eager new shoots
Bursting with energy
Basking in the sunlight.
Other areas might be
Full of foul –
Cracking off
To leave unsightly scars
But always
The tree stands firm
And is regularly covered
In blossom.
It dreams of summer sun
Amidst winter storms
It weathers all
Life throws at it
And still
Gives shelter to friends.
If your life were a tree
And you climbed
Up to its top
And looked down,
You would see it is

The Dumbest Thing

 T’was late at night in VideoChat
(We bloggers know where fun is at)
And just for larks our thoughts did turn
To lessons that in life we’d learned

Further then, and just for fun
We shared the dumbest things we’d done
I told my tale and then right after
All were left quite weak with laughter

I thought I’d better write it here
To share around the Blogosphere
And if you can read without rolling eyes
You’ll win a special little prize

Cause sharing laughter is great fun
And my dumb tale is REALLY dumb
If you’re successful let me know
Down in the comment box below.

When I was just a little kid
So many silly things I did
That through the sieve of mem’ry fell
But this one I remember well

The tale begins (and it’s all true)
With a super-special-awesome shoe
And a bored young girl who thought she’d see
How awesome her new shoes could be

In garden then, begun her thought
(Somehow without what logic taught)
She looked around to find a test
To prove her shoes were just the best

From underneath the garden shed
The perfect thing poked out (she said)
A mouldy oldy wooden plank
In middle of which a nail was sank

What test was there which wouldn’t fail
And used that big, long, rusty nail?
Then she realised what she’d do
She’d fly like superheroes do

And with her new shoes’ awesome might
‘Pon tip of rusty nail alight
And balance there with perfect poise
(With games like this, who needed toys?)

And having balanced, then leap down
And take a bow and turn around
With confidence now tried and true
In the super-powers of her shoe

(You must see where this story leads
And if not, be certain you pay heed
“Stupidity, youth and rusty nail”
The perfect cautionary tale)

She hunkered down, and without care
Sprang up into the glittering air…
This plan was not with logic join’t
And she very quickly got the point

As onto it she swiftly sailed
To land and find her foot impaled
In embarrassment and pain, the wail
“I just hopped on a rusty nail”

Did ere alert her doting aunt
Who ran right out and said “I can’t
BELIEVE this – oh it’s really bad”
And quickly went to fetch her dad

To hospital he took the kid
And told her off for what she did
An x-ray then, was took to see
What sort of damage there might be

Yet in a quite unlikely twist
The important bits had all been missed
But rust had still been in that cut
So she got a tetanus shot in the butt

Home again she was allowed
Her shoes no longer made her proud
For they were wrecked in such a way
They instantly got thrown away

And our girlie was at length berated
For all the trouble she’d created
It was a lesson thoroughly learned;
Forsure I’ve ne’er again been burned

But though my foot was very sore
There was one thing which hurt much more
And it was this – I finally knew
I didn’t have a super-shoe.

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O winter, tha’art a fickle bitch

Bruised again, the sky swirls
Billious yellow, ombre’d in grey
And threatening
Shaking its fist at my country
With all the force a Polar Vortex
(now defrosted)
Can muster.

It flies closer to the ground
The shelf of cumulo nimbus riding tight:
Suckered to the roof of the city
And not letting go

I hold my breath

It begins, sending me running for my car
That welcome shelter as the rain begins in earnest
No longer the half-exciting splatty drop
But thick, mean rain
Hurled down with malice
And vengeful intent to wash us all away

Wipers scream against the wash
World blurring, water-torn
As rivers rise up alongside every road
And begin to flood over pavements
So rapidly – there is no space left
The grounds are full
My country is saturated
And beginning to crumble

O miserable walkers
I half want to stop and take you in
Get you out of the rain, but you won’t all fit
And minutes in, you’re already soaked through

The skies swirl on, a break of blue here, to tease
And then, from spite and sheer bitchiness
Darkness closes around
And hail is spat down
Peppering the world with shards of ice
Viciously pelting those who remain unprotected

And still the waters rise.

Yet by the time I’m home
It’s all but blown over
Blue skies are back
And hints of shining gold
To offset the moody grey

Those clouds, sent scudding on their way
Knowing that once again they’ve won

My people are disposessed

Rent by storm after storm
Malevolence made manifest
By winter.


The research I love the best

is the one putting chocolate to test.

I volunteered as a subject

and became a meer reject

 when they denied my behest!

Chocolate can get your brain humming.

All of your neurons start strumming

my sensitive synapse

caused me a relapse

and the serotonin began overrunning!


I’d eaten the ear off a rabbit,

and it triggered my caffeine induced habit

from years ago

when I just didn’t know

that I was feeding an addicted palate!


Well Valentine’s day is here, Jack!

I’m sober from all chocolate smack.

I no longer feed the affliction

that led to years of addiction

keeping the bunny claws out of my back.


Two Shoes Tuesdsay

Reluctant Gratitude

 I appreciate the time
-to know each other
– to understand the other
-to discover together

There will never be enough time to forget you.

Culture and circumstance made us naïve.
Here, all the dirty work is done. 
I only know how to live in a place
that takes life for granted.
Where you come from nothing is easy
it’s all dirty work.

I appreciate Courage
-to do the right thing
-to make a difficult choice
-to love another enough to try to save them
-to go back in time and circumstance
-to risk everything
-to love you, trust you, let you go

I’m grateful
-for time spent together
-for everything you’ve taught me
-for what we taught each other
-to know the risk had to be taken

Even though I won’t see you again, I’m grateful.

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