Scrappy Little Things


Then the whole world turned right-side up

Inside those big brown eyes

Where hung the universe

Like pearls on a string.

Another hidden room opened

Specially designed

To house an infinite, unconditional love

Wearing floppy ears and a tan coat,

A colossal personality in a tiny body

Contained behind a generous, exuberant grin.


*Today was Clear the Shelters day and though I went there for one dog, I ended up with a totally different one…the one I was meant for. Scrappy is his name.  He chose me, and I couldn’t be happier. 


I just want

All your Nows

I just want to hold your hand as roiling thunder storms
To let you know it was your touch – t’was then I was reborn
I just want to dance, rain drenched, entranced, electrified
To hold and taste and feel, and see the lightning in your eyes Continue reading


My soul soars I am here and I am happy

The sky is morning-fresh
And dazzling blue-ly
The sun is shining down
And warming through-ly
The lip-numb wind whisks
Leaves all crackle-snappy
My soul soars – I am HERE
And I am happy

Bird-plundered branches
Full of berries bright
Stretch joyfully
Enwrapped in Texan light
The red bird peers
Wise-eyed and cardinally
He sees I’m HERE, at peace
And I am happy

The walkers wander by
On hilly trail
I’ve stopped in thought
Ensunned, to muse my tale
The challenges fade ‘gainst Now
For Now is truly
So right, so good, so HERE
And I am happy.

My Precious

You know shes a diamond and shes constantly undersold

Heart in mouth, how
Long was I stood there?
Anxiety my companion
Hoping, waiting, praying
That you’d be there

Counting minutes as they stretched
Towards infinity
Heart trembling in my chest
Wondering, thinking, waiting
What would you think of me?

Thinking, whirling, panicking
Deciding what to do
Sketchy strategies forming
Heart fearing abandonment
Yet somehow you knew

A raucous love-cry
Echoed throughout the air
Hearts exploded into joy
Hugged, held, whirling
My world changed by your care

Heart a million miles away
I still recall your touch
Impatient, held, but yearning
I’m coming back
I love you so, so much

The Puzzle of Flowers


I walked along the road of life
My heart brought low with care
As I wondered at the gardens
And the flowers blooming there

When I came across a garden
All abandoned; full of weeds
A rose amidst it, trying to bloom
But quelled by unmet needs

Arrested by its beauty
I stopped and stood a while
Just wishing that the gardener
Would pay heed to his toil

Alas he turned his wilful back
And spurned his wilting rose
By then it flowered in my heart
And so it was I chose

To sneak into the garden
Working hard to try
To lift her drooping flowers
To turn again and face the sky

I weeded, pruned, untangled
And did my very best
To restore her glory
And yet, and yet; unrest

Whilst I tried to help her
And delighted that she grew
She wrapped her branches round me
Restored life to me, too.

As she thrived my mind dwelled
On a problem full of thorns;
A trespasser was I
Inside the world my rose adorns

Should I have never entered?
Should I have passed her by?
No – I never could have seen her,
Walked away, and let her die.

So I rejoice in every bloom
Which buds within those walls
Always with my ears tuned
For the gardener’s footfalls

But when I see her in the sun
Far less consigned to night
I still don’t know which way to judge
Or whether I was right

It’s really rather complex
In this puzzle of the flowers
But I’m too busy gardening
To fret for many hours