Yes, it was a GOOD, good night

The fun is in the maybe

Darktime sparkling
Fairground lightning
Cool sea-salted wind
And time unwinding
Bassline spilling into night air
Rhythm beckons us upstairs Continue reading


If I am not alone…

I have no need of me


Too loud, too dumb, too young; so overlooked
These crayon-coloured nightmares have me spooked
Contrite, I stand in silence, now rebuked
If I am not alone
Why aren’t you here?

Trying to find my feet and touch the walls
In hall of mirrors, stumbling, gleaning falls
This extra debris life’s update installs
If I am not alone
Why aren’t you here?

Hallucinations spark and gauze my eyes
No feather in your cap – uncoveted prize
Take siphoned thoughts, leave wisdom to the wise
If I am not alone
Why aren’t you here?

Transpose the million miles: the difference – none
I’ll scream my feathered thoughts towards the sun
Crash me; crush me ; leave me here, undone
If I am not alone
Why aren’t you here?

Kiss my tears with noctilucent dreams
The drama in the middle; midnight sheens
A charcoal searchlight finding broken seams
If I am not alone
Why aren’t you here?

So close your mind and fade my life to black
I’ll take the bitter pill, swallow it back
Consent to let you reinforce my lack
If I am not alone
Why aren’t you here?


I hear you

Sunset Heart


I hear you
Determined, and focussed in
Working through the alls
And everythings
But bright;
Alive with light and purpose
I know that deep inside
You know it’s worth this
I won’t get pictures of you on the floor
Won’t hear a death-tinged voice
Those only make me love you more
And wish I could fight on your behalf
But hey, for now
No tears
No demons:
We can laugh
And talk of fun and future plans
The world is sun and hope
And nothing damns
Or consigns you to the dark
No wicked fray
But dark or light, you know
I love you,

My Special Talent

BUT it is not the only thing that can... don't buy into the idea that if it's not working that it's your fault. Sometimes the Mind Body idea leaves people feeling guilty and that's not fair.

BUT it is not the only thing that can… don’t buy into the idea that if it’s not working that it’s your fault. Sometimes the Mind Body idea leaves people feeling guilty and that’s not fair.



It’s back.

No one knows it.

Not even me.

But somewhere deep inside I know.

Like the cells that lurk hidden in the depths of this treasonous body,

The knowledge lies dormant, flouting descent.


It will make itself known,


Not because I want it to.

But to clarify with utter certainty that the heart

has no control.

Mind-body connections?

Don’t fool yourself.

Not only is it not my desire but,

it’s not my fault

and my soul seems to think it’s a talent. Z~


Crossing the line


Allow me
To quietly open
The door of your mind
And sneak in
To stand before you;
Waiting for you to beckon…

If you do,
I’ll travel a million miles
Or two heartbeats
To be with you –
To find the welcome of your arms
And step in.

I would hold you in my gaze
Outline your collarbone
With butterfly kisses
And drown in the scent
Pooled in the hollow of your throat

With feather-thumbs
I’d caress your face
Let fingertips whisper
Around and behind your nape
To draw you in
To kiss
And let the planets stop their tracks
As I quench myself on your lips –
You are my oxgen
And in my dizzied mind
My tongue

All thought of lines abandoned
My eyes are dark with want
I’ve a fiery heart and poet’s tongue,
My hands are massage-taught
I’ll be yours completely
You could hold me captivated
Let your spell forever drench me
I’ll make you want to keep me

I’ll journey lingered trails
Along your length
Touching, tasting every inch
Savouring every lip-bit, gasping breath
Already I know you inside out
So let me sense my way
From outside in –
Let me become your drug
All you need to do is begin
Just let me take you.

Let me discover how to make you melt
Let me dance with glee, as your body responds
To things you won’t believe you felt
I’ll send your pulse quick-slow
In foxtrot beat
I’ll oil and stoke your ember glow
Can you feel the heat?

I’m running hot, and ready to consume,
Engulf and devour and learn
The lesson of you.
Enjoy the journey,
For you are my crash and burn –
I’m going down.

I hope you’re coming with me…