Raspberry Kiss

Raspberry Kiss


Hunkered down

In green-gold light

Dappled skin

Hold me tight

Surrounded by

The scent of you

Caress then scratch

I’m sunblushed too

Nuzzling in

In search of fruit

Close my eyes

Let scent take root

Leafy fingers

Stroke my face

Flash of red

In shade’s embrace

Lowered head

To taste your flesh

Sweet, bright smile

Your juice so fresh

Soft-fruit ripple

Twixt my lips

Mmm, give it up

Your raspberry kiss.







Bind me

I’ll be meek

Your look demands

My silence, but

My eyes speak


At the maner

Of your violence

Not a squeak

Shall escape my lips

Spread-eagled for your lesson

I’ll tell you all you seek

A gasped, knifepoint confession

I surrender everything

You win

Dark smiles betray

I’ll culpa mea peek

As you survey me –

Your dominion –

I wait with bated breath

Prepared for you

To punish me for my sin

And watch you glory in it

With triumphant grin:

Butterfly kisses down

And across my hips

Sink your knife-blade in

Stay with me as I buck and hiss

Then lick me clean

Seal me with a bloodied kiss

I’m yours;

Your name forever

Scarred into my skin

Driving you WILD


Sit back

Let yourself sink in

I’ve a style all my own

But I’m built for comfort

And I know I’ll fit your skin

Like powdered leather

Gloves off – you need to feel this

Revel in the way I move

You know you fuel me

This is no exegesis

No room for interpretations

You saw the light in my eyes

You felt the zoom

And we were a done deal

You opened the door to my heart

Stepped in, and I’m sold

I’ll greet you with a

Revved up, glorying squeal

Each time you run your fingers

Along my outsides

And take me, melting,

Into your horizon

Double-clutch me baby

And get your gears on

We’re breathtaking, you know

We’ll treat each other right

Speed up  – take me for a spin

Each growl a halleluiah

Together we can ride all night.



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Reject. Refuse. Discard.

No Love Lost


Sometimes I don’t know why you even asked.
It’s not as though the world was on your case
Or convention taking you to task
For not yet getting hitched.
Yet ask you did,
And I
Said yes,
Because you’re good and kind
And the sort of person who SHOULD
Be utterly, perfectly good to spend some time
To spend a life – with and never without you
But all those plans fell through
Although they were beyond our control
And neither of us was equal to the task
Of getting our shattered lives repaired
But sometimes you say things
Which make me wonder WHY you asked
When so much of what transpired
Was the process of us suffocating
One another – love expired
Exchanged for barely-veiled disdain
Irritation, confusion and that old refrain
In every word and look which slips through the guard
“I don’t want you.
I don’t want you.
Life is hard
And you make it worse.
Now it feels like having asked you was a curse
Designed to poison you and me
We’re doomed to fail, eventually
So let’s aid the process with apathy”
Revulsion, repulsion, rejection

And indeed, why bother?
Why sacrifice yourself on the alter
Of the false idol of marriage
When you don’t even like each other
And everything you had got bleached away
By circumstance and happenstance
And a disinclined lover
Who, somehow, you suspect
Wanted you.

But then, when you decide
It’s over, then
You learn
It’s true.

Perfect; sunset

Each Night For Your Eyes Only


Lo! And there the first glimpse can be seen
Twixt piles of soft and billowing clouds
Shining through the gaps and in between

Gradually her glory is displayed, inspired
It seems, to oh-so-slowly play ‘reveal’
For dusk, but now she sets the sky on fire

Golden fingers, arcing through, and deep
Into the cloud-bed, turning it to vapours
Incredible moments you just want to keep

Let her fill your soul; slow down and savour
As she shines and brightens all your edges
Sit back – enjoy – each night a different flavour

Lie back as she spreads her light atop the earth
Welcome her with open heart and outstretched arms
She is the bringer of light and warmth, hope and worth

She’ll dance with zephyrs, seeking to fill every space
Bask in her and surely she’ll delight to shine:
Pour sunbeam kisses on your upturned face

Let her paint your world rich in golden splendour
She’ll sparkle in your veins and gild your shadows
Before the night is here, no doubt you will surrender

She’ll take your breath away; you’ll ne’er forget
The exquisite glory of her going down
Each night for your eyes only – perfect; sunset.

I’ll be by your side

Broken Heart


I can think of younger days, when living for my life
Was everything a man could want to do
Nothing could ever induce me to want you to live this way
No advice I could give would help, so fall to your knees and pray
Raise your hands, raise your voice, let them hear what you have to say
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

I could never see tomorrow
I was never told about the sorrow

It’s impossible to adequately prepare for the pain of such regret
Wander through memories and I’ll follow, embracing the ones you wanna forget
I’m bringing my light to your darkness and trying to establish an offset
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

How can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?

I’m watching you stumble, drenched in teardrops and pouring rain
Can you sense that mine tumbled, through the way your heart’s rent with pain
I’m nothing, but all yours, I’ll return to you forever again
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
If you let me I’ll dive head-first into your fiercest of winter storms
I’ll stand with my fists raised screaming obscenities at the clouds as they form
Snarling at the demons as they take up their routines and start to perform
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

How can you mend this broken man?
How can a loser ever win?
You were never a loser but always almost perfection to me
You have eyes but you’re blind and you can never accept what I see
Concede that our lives can be lived in place between brutal and beautifully
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

Please, won’t you help me mend
my broken heart
And let me live again…
Let me forever appeal to the portion of you that wants to survive
Insufficient to me for you to merely exist – I want you to be happy and thrive
Take my hand and keep hold, let me love you until you’re feeling alive
I can’t fix, can’t fix this
But I’ll be by your side

With apologies to Al Green, and all love to S ❤


I have no need of me


Bleeding life from a thousand paper cuts
Comparing former love and future hurts
What was light is turned to darkness thus
Concede, for it is never only words

One truth too many – but ne’er meant to appall:
Words so unwanted they seem fictional
Now apply to extricate from your enthrall
Admit that love is never unconditional

Haphazard tangent on a road of sighs
No intention e’er designed to set my sights
Existence shunned – it must no more belie
And alter course. You set your world to rights.