Guest Bard: We Are Fire


Dedicated to Everyone, with all my Love


We are the embers waiting to glow,

We are the seed expecting to grow.


We are the candle flame that lights up the dark,

We are the arrow aiming for its mark.


We are the sunbeam that shines through the storm,

We are the change that brings reform.


A single thought thrown into the wild

“It takes the village to raise a child.”


Just one small spark passed along,

One becomes two and two become strong.


Two becomes a thousand and together they stand,

Heart to heart, hand in hand.


We are the flames that burn ever brighter,

We are the music-makers, the dreamers, the writers.


We are the voices that will be heard,

We shine our light word by word.


The simple hope that lights the night,

You and I are soldiers of light.


We are the love that burns but will not die;

We are the fire…

We light up the sky.


*inspired by Ella Henderson’s song Glow, 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion, and, especially, Lizzi Rogers


Bards Verdict: A beautiful inspiration from the song, and a gorgeous determination that together, we CAN make the difference – we just have to set our hearts on fire with compassion. Love it.

Jesi Scott

Jessica Scott is a Texas native who has been writing since high school. A suburbanite of Dallas/Fort Worth she lives with 1 teen (no explanation needed), a ten-year-old zombie enthusiast, a 3-year-old Tornado, and she is seriously worried about becoming “the crazy cat lady”. She loves: fairy tales, sci-fi movies, Brits, reading, old movies, caramel/toffee, Richard Armitage, poetry, MUSIC, laughing, independent films, theater, writing, Shakespeare, and singing and dancing around the house. She dislikes: cleaning the bathroom, insecurity, running into glass doors/poles/HUGE wall thermostats when people are watching, touching snakes to set a good example, tripping over ottomans (like Dick Van Dyke), false sincerity, bruises she can’t remember getting, indifference, and brussell sprouts.

Her philosophy is this: You can do anything you want to do. All you have to do is do it. The hard part is taking that first step out of your comfort zone. If you can take that one little step towards your dreams, then take another and another, soon you’ll find yourself accomplishing what you thought was impossible yesterday. Turn your impossibles into possiblilities. You are your own worst enemy, and you should be your biggest fan. I’m your second biggest. I believe in you. I got your back, baby!  😉

Remember, “Life is a journey where you stumble and fall”*. What matters most is how you live.

Come on over and see more of Jess Scott her blog, The Lunatic Poet, or meet her on Twitter

13 comments on “Guest Bard: We Are Fire

  1. valj2750 says:

    I feel so great to be part of that WE

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  2. Linda Kay says:

    Excellent poem. thanks for sharing!

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  3. Wow Lizzi…I can’t believe you used Ms. Hyde’s pic. 😉
    Thank you so much for asking me to write for The Bards. You said write from my heart so I did. And I’m so glad everyone is liking it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. […] Enjoyment Somehow, whatever way it is that these things take hold and begin to weave themselves through our beings, there is poetry in my soul. I like to read it, I sometimes like to hear it read, I like to write it, and it is sufficiently powerful a force in my life (and has been since I was smallish) that after blogging for a while, I decided that there was little which would delight my soul better than to have a blog dedicated to poetry. Thus the Well Tempered Bards was born, and my fellow bard and I have a gorgeous little arena in which to air our whims when the urge to po an ‘-em’ strikes. But we don’t do it ALL the time, so it was my pleasure to start a ‘Guest Bards’ feature, and on Friday, my lovely friend Jess Scott (a.k.a. The Lunatic Poet) was featured, with her gorgeous piece about compassion, called We Are Fire. […]

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  5. zoe says:

    Oh my Jessica, Thanks so much for this… I am so remiss in getting here… Please dont misconstrue it as a lack of appreciation. This was lovely. I gotta wonder how a “lunatic poet” can make so much sense! Thanks for the Guest Bard… Zoe



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