Driving you WILD


Sit back

Let yourself sink in

I’ve a style all my own

But I’m built for comfort

And I know I’ll fit your skin

Like powdered leather

Gloves off – you need to feel this

Revel in the way I move

You know you fuel me

This is no exegesis

No room for interpretations

You saw the light in my eyes

You felt the zoom

And we were a done deal

You opened the door to my heart

Stepped in, and I’m sold

I’ll greet you with a

Revved up, glorying squeal

Each time you run your fingers

Along my outsides

And take me, melting,

Into your horizon

Double-clutch me baby

And get your gears on

We’re breathtaking, you know

We’ll treat each other right

Speed upĀ  – take me for a spin

Each growl a halleluiah

Together we can ride all night.



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