#OctPoWriMo Day 9-Love


Love Is…

By Jesi Scott


The warm bath after a long, hard day,

The warmth that chases the cold away.

The cool wind that blows ‘midst the summer heat,

The toe-tapping soul-dancing musical beat.


The cosy blanket we snuggle up in,

The jolt that sends us into a tailspin.

The light that shines and shows the rocks ahead,

The reason for spending the rainy day in bed.


The reason to hold someone close,

The reason your heart to expose.

The reason for my staying near

Is because love brought you and made you dear.


Ear-Worm Insomnia

Song sung blue

In my head,

Around and around I go,

Tossing and turning in my bed.


Weeping like a willow,

Thoughts a steady stream,

Leaves play Follow-the-Leader

In an unfamiliar dream.


Awake on my pillow,

Watch the spinning carousel;

Words fly up, twirling,

Then fall and dispel.


Sand sifting through my fingers

Time and time again.

Clock ticks winding down the hours

As sleep evades my domain.


*Since July I have been writing like a maniac, including recently getting up from 4-5 a.m. to write with one partner and then writing again a little later on in the day with someone else. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you schedule time for yourself to do something. This poem is one result of a folder full of poems I’ve been working on. This one was inspired by Neil Diamond (obviously). I tend to get songs stuck in my head right before going to sleep and this one stuck hard. So, I decided to use it in a poem. Thank you, Neil, for creating such a great song to have as an ear-worm. 

#OctPoWriMo-Day 1: TIME



By Jesi Scott


I mix the cake batter first

-Eggs, water, oil, boxed cake mix-

While he puts the cupcake liners in the pan

And we discuss how credit history works,

And his friend who isn’t his girlfriend,

And music

While the bean soup sits on the stove simmering

For tonight’s supper.

The mix, now liquid, is spooned into the liners

And popped into the oven

And he discusses how upset he gets with himself

Over how he treats people

And how he doesn’t like manipulating others

And how he doesn’t like making people feel bad,

And I simply ready the icing materials,

Listening to the man-child sitting at the counter,

waiting for the timer to stop counting down

These perfect moments that will never stand still.


*For my Biggest Son. Enjoy the perfect moments. 



In an rare moment of unguarded confidence

I let a friend read my poetry.

” I learned something about you today,”

Striking fear into my soul.

I felt myself lock into place

Like a blacksmith’s hammer to iron,

shaping my resistance,

building my fortress.

Badge 4


I found a list today

it was your handwriting.

Tossed into a drawer

full of other of life’s castoffs.

It’s been long enough.

For just a moment,

I was happy

to have seen it.

Badge 4


Badge 4

Napoleon in a fur coat.

The work is not pretty,

but it must be done.


Someone must take responsibility,

and if it’s me, well

I will do what I must.


Hate me if you will.

I stand by my convictions.

I will do the dirty work,

the unenviable tasks.


I’m nobody’s hero,

just another hard-working joe

willing to do what needs to be done.


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 unnamed (52)


My cockatiel is eggbound and she can’t be left alone.

My shower caught fire and I had to leave my home.

My Uncle came to town, though he’s been dead for seven years.

My allergies are awful and I just broke down in tears.

I saw a hairy  spider in the back seat of my car.

I have to help to skipper a New York garbage barg.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my first smoked cigarette,

I’m dreaming up a list of other things that I regret.

I know it seems I’m making up some silly alibis,

but I’m not.  I just can’t write today.

I mean, why would I lie?

Badge 4