You choose me too

Stop Crying Your Heart Out


All of these scars across my heart

Tell you the story of who I am

Breaking the chains, I fall apart

Wasted – an effigy I am

And although I’ll never feel like I’m enough

Inadequate, uncouth, too rough

It’s true…somehow you chose me too.


I stumbled along the edge of doubt

Crawled on my knees on jagged shores

Followed the trails til they gave out

Traded my broken heart for yours

I whispered the things I knew I couldn’t say

Hoping they’d feel real someday

I never knew – why you chose me too


You see the stars inside my eyes

You know the universe I’ve cried

You feel the ice inside my soul

You know where I’m broken; vulnerable

I show you the ways I know I’m just no good

But you don’t back off like I thought you would

Is it true – that you still choose me too?


All of these scars across my heart

Writing the lines of who I am

Trying to stand, I will restart

I want to be worthy if I can

And I will devote all of my energy

Trying to be a better me for you

Because you choose me too.


Yeah it’s true…somehow you choose me too.



With apologies to Brandi Carlile, whose awesome song ‘The Story‘, I most definitely cribbed.



Guest Bards: The Reaper’s Call

It’s funny where the mind takes you when you’re writing. I started this poem with a completely different direction in mind, but this is where it ended when the words took control and guided me towards their intended destination. DISCLAIMER: This is not how I feel and does not represent anything going on in my life, this is just where my words led me.

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