#NaPoWriMo Pimpin’ for Green

Order of Seven Consumed


Take your folded, hard-earned bill

And slip it down, ‘longside her skin

Brush with lingering fingertips

Imagine what the cover’s holding in

Ready yourself and settle back

Your gaze intense as heat begins to rise

Story runs her fingers through your hair

She’s yours – you paid to hold this prize.

Soon your breathing turns to gasps

As she winds and works her magic spell

You’ll get the best read of your life

(I know she gives some damn good Word, as well).




Today’s prompt was to write about money, and so I did, in a roundabout way. We often talk about ‘pimping’ words; posts; articles; books…and today I’m doing my level best to pimp one of the best Young Adult fiction books I have ever, EVER read. The thing is, we all want to succeed, or we want our friends to succeed, especially when they write something so genuinely incredible, and we have a platform here, purpose-built, for sharing our thoughts on their work, and lending our support. So I beg your indulgence in this instance, but I cannot stress enough how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

For a full endorsement of Order of Seven, and how it got into my brain and consumed me, follow the link here. To pay your coin and take this feisty little darling home with you, click HERE to find it on Amazon.

You won’t regret it – the story’s a right little goer, and she’s fresh out TODAY!