Poetry for Peace

I found out about this fabulous initiative – Poets for Peace – through the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion group on Facebook, and it looks like a glorious collaboration, which I’d like to be part of. So I’ve put my poet’s thinking-cap on, and I’m staring at a blank page to see what falls out onto it…and if it’s good enough (for me), I’ll join it in.

(To be fair, if it’s not good enough for me, you won’t see it either, but I still want to promote the collaboration and share the word with others who might be interested in adding their words to the project.) Continue reading


#NaPoWriMo Cut out the passion

Erasure Compassion



For other uses
The response motivates.
Really – act out!
Your way to hurt another
(Having an emotional aspect,
Cerebral notions may be considered rational.)
Sound judgement,
An aspect of which regards that.
Individuals  (given a property of
Passion is Latin)
More involved than
Simple desire, though
Not inevitably,
The social context in ethical terms
Often embodies by implication the principle
Do unto others; love together.

[Thus, related,
One who suffers from virtue
Is considered as
Among the Great.]




Today’s prompt was to write an Erasure poem, which I’ve never tried before BECAUSE I REFUSE TO KILL A BOOK (and I have no magazines worth trying) so I found a Wikipedia page and changed THAT instead. BO YAH!

#NaPoWriMo Oda-Landay-oo

To explain first (unusual, I know, but in this case it’s a worthwhile endeavour) – a Landay is an Afghan poetry form, consisting two lines and something to do with syllables and maybe or maybe not rhyming, but here’s the thing – it’s meant to be deep, pithy, womanly, and quickly convey deep (sharp?) truths about raw subjects such as love, war, separation, homeland or grief. Occasionally stilling, sometimes dreamy, and often ribald, this format is a treasured and often frowned-upon art form amongst the women who practice it most. Find out more here.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed writing these…

Play with words

Come here to me, my sweet enigma
Together we can form tonight’s chimaera


You used my mind in such a manner
I nursed from your brutality; now mourn her


Last night you made my thoughts much warmer
I will lend my dreams to no examiner



#NaPoWriMo According to Social Media…

Play with words


It annoys the fuck out of my kids when I use ‘their words in my vocabulary.
They are just redonkulous!
They must not know how funny they sound, you see
And you know kids – always ready to make a fuss

NO! it’s not cruelty, they know that it’s all in good fun
And the strength of that bond will help to prepare them for life
Hang onto it tight, because sadly when it comes undone
It’s a Pandora’s Box of uncertainty, anger and strife

But what is this world where there is cause to say to a girl
Excuse me, your vulva is showing“?
How can we protect from the barbs that advertisements hurl
And show the next generation the right way of growing?

Because that girl on the dancefloor is certainly Somebody’s Daughter
But she’s using her body as though it’s her only asset
Enough with the whispering scandal of “Somebody oughtta…”
With more affirmation we all could embrace every facet

Learning Compassion, and loving ourselves is the root;
The task we must conquer if we are to ever succeed
Mastery’s not commitment to a goal, but to a constant pursuit
Together we’re stronger‘ is more like the cry that we need

Take the Star on the right, and then straight on til morning
Learn to live life with arms open and fists uncurled
One More Star; there we are – a new day could be dawning
If we all band together you know that we CAN change the world

The End



The prompt today was probably the most bizarre yet – to craft a poem from social media; tweets, blog updates, facebook messages, texts…and it seemed BONKERS til I found a kindasorta theme. DO click the links – they’re all good ones 🙂

#NaPoWriMo Dear Punctuation



Punctuation, I must know
Why is it, when I write,
You act so?


and almost interrupt –
whatever I’m doing;
you, somehow, can’t shut up.


you’re in every. damn. sentence.
AGAIN! (And if not, you
Still offer ridiculous offense)


ME! Because I’m on the point
Of leaving you out entirely;
Go forth and annoint


prose with your infusion…
you ruin my emphasis!
[Aaaaaaand – introduce CONFUSION]



#NaPoWriMo Sappho you total bitch

Sappho the total bitch poet


So long as I’ve to try my hand at this, I

Think I would prefer it not to be so long

I try to bend this rhythm to my grist by

*Counting on fingers*


What goddess thought this would be something fun, whose

Bright idea now tears my brain and makes it come

Undone? And ponder which words can I choose, oh



She shines from his’try’s depths like hidden gem. So

Valued she’ll destroy the lives of men, who try

In poet’s guise to replicate her style, though



And yet she is a classic of her time – great

Scholars, find her ways with words exquis’t; sublime

But I in twist of callous burdened fate must

Somehow finish this.



So today’s prompt was to write a poem in Sapphic stanza, which is some kind of bizarre kickback from a Greek goddess, who SURELY must have had better things to do (she lived on Lesbos, nuff said) than invent weird-ass poetry formats, BUT NO! No.

For your delight, and to perplex and befuddle all the NaPoWriMo triers, there is this confoundingly difficult pattern of three lines of eleven syllables, with alternating emphasis between lines (da-DA da-DA da-DA whatever to eleven, followed by a line of DA-da DA-da DA-da and so forth then back to the original emphasis for the final line of eleven) then a line with five syllables and at that point WHO CARES where the emphasis goes!?!



#NaPoWriMo Lamenting the AbecedWTFarian

AUGH! This format, I just don’t think…

But wait, I’m not here to think, just write,

Create, or otherwise generate something. In

Defiance of the format, I will make it a delight:

Emotion-filled, with gorgeous wending lines

Filigrees of words, Oh let me count the ways

Gorgeous poetry can be shoehorned into

Half a dozen (or more) manners of phrase.

I think with time, that e’en though I baulked,

Jabbering, scared of such a monstrous task

Kind of excited for the challenge

Like someone facing Everest, steadfast,

Masking writer’s jitters; ignoring

Nerves and setting forth, absolutely


Perfectly bloody certain that not a

Qualm will be allowed to derail me –

Reasoning that in the end, in

Spite of whatever else may be said

The best part of poetry is masquerade,

Unlikeliness, and inside your head.

Victory will be mine. I am deterimined

While there is consciousness flowing

Xylol-like, my muse shall fire off, and

Yea, though this not be worth knowing,

Zero fucks are given, for I have won.


The prompt was to write an acrostic (too easy) or an abecedarian – a complete bollix of a poem, which requires that each line start with a subsequent letter of the alphabet, or that each WORD of the poem be alphabetical. A truly disgusting format which has nonetheless produced some surprisingly good results (at least, in the efforts I’ve seen so far, so bravo!)