Six Sentence Stories

Circumstance brought danger and tragedy.
You gave peace to my unsettled heart.
As a steadfast prayer wheel spinning in an ungodly world, with rapt cadence you followed the rhythms of the planet.
A trusting disciple, your spirit forever drawn to a place where an authentic life-your life-could exist.
Taking me with you, I will never regret following you there.
Sorrowful, I stand here alone knowing it was an amazing journey.

Josie Two ShoesJoining up with Josie for Six Sentence Stories… click on the shoes and go check out the others!
This week’s prompt was “amazing.”



Design takes place whilst world bares winter’s bones
To rework, change and shift the shape of stones
Gouging through the sullen, clotted earth
Hoping for this land to find its worth

Rise and shine in th’morn of cloudless day
Sweet January’s sun to warm the way
Gradually the layers of clothes discard
Back bent, in the garden, working hard

Forearms, biceps marked and streaked with mud
Aiming to lose sweat but never blood
I plod, the muscles twanging, joints may ache
Effort here expent for beauty’s sake

Half-done we stop to give our bodies rest
A sup of lunch consumed, we pause; digest
Then back outside with smiles and words that match
Continuing to transform our little patch

Earth turned and roiled and dug with brand-new spade
The satisfying snick of silver blade
Heralds transformation slow revealed
Proven worth our efforts truly yield

Not yet complete; we need another day
Restoring order to this disarray
Breath steams now, stars shine bold
My hands are red and grasped in nighttime’s cold

Shivering I pause, endarkened, and look back
Pleased with the progress I can track
Knowing well ere not too many suns
It will be finished – landscaping done.

Pay Attention

There are cycles for water and carbon and people
The scent of a rose or tomato’s green sepal
Skyscrapers, ice-scrapers, boats cars and trains
Waterfalls, forests and wide open plains
All the machines that we humans have made
The heavens each day where the sunset’s displayed
Land-snails or sea-snails or sails on turbines
Sails on the boats crossing oceans’ confines
From ants to plants to elephants
The world keeps spinning its living dance
And each day though I oft digress
I should pay heed to its wonderfulness.

On The Occassion of My 50 and 1/2 Birthday

I now realize so much of me
will be left unfinished
not because life is short,
but because so many have such faith
that I am already more
than I will ever become.
I have never turned to my friends,
and come away
without a restored spirit,
a renewed sense of tenacity,
an enrichment of my soul. ljc

*Hooking up with Two Shoes Tuesday…the prompt is “call.” You may wonder how this fits, but my friends always call me to be a better person…cuz they already think I am…go figure!*

Josie Two Shoes