I will stand strong

I will stand strong

Using the prompt from OctPoWriMo, and a challenge from my dear friend, Hastywords – there are layers of meaning here, even if the poetry is micro. I tend to be the kind to get alongside people in their battles, and I can’t stand by and see a friend hurting. I will be THERE, cheering them on, doing my best to support and assist in any way I can. I find other people’s demons much easier to battle than my own.



Behold – the tree of words

Background: We wanted to do something different as Christmas presents one year, so I wrote this, and we put it with watercolour paintings of trees, in frames, and gave them to our nearest and dearest. Since then I’ve had more fun making images with poetry (did it today, in fact) and LOVE the versatility and cross-over of using the words to physically create the picture.