She lived her life dessicated,

An arid desert in the heat of summer…

Dusty sand that scours raw the skin

And the few crumbling brown plants,

dead for lack of moisture.


Then came the storms

With drops that hissed and sizzled,

And drowned the parched land

Bringing life to the xeriscape,

And hope bloomed in profusion.


*First new poem of 2018


If Love Grew On Trees



If love grew on trees,

Like flowers in the spring,

Then littered my lawn in fall

I would send you all

Proof that love isn’t in things,

But in the air we breathe.


I’d show you love isn’t just one day

But grows the whole year round,

Indigenous everywhere,

But it needs attention and care,

And should never be bound,

Or look in kind to repay


Feelings you think one owes.

It’s not in chocolates or a romantic date,

Nor in jewelry that sparkles bright.

Rather, it’s in the heart, that glowing light,

And people whose lives we should celebrate,

Because that’s the way love grows.


If love grew on trees

that is what I would send

to everyone I love

not just today but when I think of

them my love would transcend

and fly on the breeze.


If love grew on trees…

Stronger Together

Sunset Heart


You took my broken pieces

Anomalies and sharp edges

Cradled them in your hands –

Cherished them, and astonished me.


You set about righting my wrong aspects

Gently, without rancour or demand

Unblinkering my blind spots

Encouraging me to discover my faults

To think critically, but never criticize

To forgive myself the past, the hurts, the lies

To see the ways I let myself down

Letting me take my time

In acknowledging the distance

Between myself and

Who I’d like to be.


Each piece you held, you gave me to replace

Loved me, Anyway, and found ways

Kintsugi-gilding the places in-between

The beauty in the broken,

Sight unseen, but not beyond your thought.

Profound; your care –

You fought to let me know

How much I meant, and how much I could be


You knew me more than I knew myself

For in me, saw your reflection staring back.

Our parallels, though miles apart,

Still converging, combining,

Irrevocably intertwined, my 1000mile heart

We’re on our way,

And set for the horizon.


Each day my orbit spins with yours

Tilts and yaws with your gravity

Drawn, irresistibly,

With a force stronger than I knew possible

Unstoppable, and ever Becoming

More the ‘me’ the ‘you’ can see

And you the ‘you’ I know

As we evolve.


I’m here for you.

Because of you; I choose you

Because you first chose me

And showed me that beyond all else

The FirstThing – the EverThing – The EveryThing

Is Love.


And, love,

We’ll never get old:

We’re Always.



Dedicated without reservation, and with all love, to HastyWords.

Love in a Photograph


Love Wins

“Home is within you”
Wisdom of ages spelled out again
To one whose home is suddenly changed
Split into dual worlds; mutually exclusive
I sit and wonder what to do

‘I left my heart on the runway’
Continuing in a shell of empty rooms
Tattered cobwebs stretch through
Pictures on the walls of distance-faded friends
I sit and ponder how to change

“Just know you’re always with me”
My Now transposed to alternate plane
I’m juxtaposed; can never be the same
Cold wind blows dust across my floors
I sit and waste time wondering

“Always, always remember this”
Ghosts where life was once abundent
“Too brief, too brief” my anguished lament
My dolor hidden fast, for it offends
I sit, considering what’s amiss

“You know we’re your people too”
Sadness, things stown, dust-sheets
Opposing voices tug my heartbeats
Resignation we’re all forever changed
I sit, impatient, wanting time in lieu

“You’ll come back again. You will”
Caress each picture in the emtpy room
Silent whisper “I’ll be back soon”
Shiver in the echoing alone
I sit, life rendered, whole ‘Until…’

My Precious

You know shes a diamond and shes constantly undersold

Heart in mouth, how
Long was I stood there?
Anxiety my companion
Hoping, waiting, praying
That you’d be there

Counting minutes as they stretched
Towards infinity
Heart trembling in my chest
Wondering, thinking, waiting
What would you think of me?

Thinking, whirling, panicking
Deciding what to do
Sketchy strategies forming
Heart fearing abandonment
Yet somehow you knew

A raucous love-cry
Echoed throughout the air
Hearts exploded into joy
Hugged, held, whirling
My world changed by your care

Heart a million miles away
I still recall your touch
Impatient, held, but yearning
I’m coming back
I love you so, so much