#OctPoWriMo-Day 1: TIME



By Jesi Scott


I mix the cake batter first

-Eggs, water, oil, boxed cake mix-

While he puts the cupcake liners in the pan

And we discuss how credit history works,

And his friend who isn’t his girlfriend,

And music

While the bean soup sits on the stove simmering

For tonight’s supper.

The mix, now liquid, is spooned into the liners

And popped into the oven

And he discusses how upset he gets with himself

Over how he treats people

And how he doesn’t like manipulating others

And how he doesn’t like making people feel bad,

And I simply ready the icing materials,

Listening to the man-child sitting at the counter,

waiting for the timer to stop counting down

These perfect moments that will never stand still.


*For my Biggest Son. Enjoy the perfect moments. 


TwentySomething Days

Sunset Heart

Remember the way you felt when our eyes met
Remember the beat of your heart and don’t let
Future or distance or life ever fade the heat
Of that time long ago when someday we’re going to meet

Remember sometimes that tomorrow doesn’t really come
Remember moments last lifetimes even though only just begun
Don’t shy away from the love opportunity brings
In that time-space dimension built from all of the in-betweens

Remember the shadows and lights and the scent of skin
Remember raw and unbreakable bond of a heart-twin
Keep hold of those moments which anchor a place in time
When minutes meant nothing at all, but that you were all mine

Remember a life full of stories to write and are yet untold
Remember night skies shot through with rain and silver and gold
I held you and knew that my heart had finally found home
My arms still ache, empty, hanging on for the unknown

Remember one day in the future forever begins
Remember as trumpets sound truth we acknowledge that Love wins
All of the step-stones of history were leading to now
I’ll find ways in future to make you present again somehow