Dancing Stars

If you love her

make her shine.

Make her glow where all can see.

For star she was and star she is,

and star she always will be.


Make her shine

bright as the moon,

bright as the moon at sea.

For love will do

as love has done

for all eternity.


And in the end

she’ll know your love

was her’s with certainty.

So make her shine,

Make her glow,

And she’ll love fearlessly.


*Sometimes, you just need time, space, and quiet to heal and recharge. ❤


#NaPoWriMo She was a sky full of stars


She was a sky full of stars

In a world of silver linings

Cassiopeia on her arm

Her soul intent on finding

Things worth being thankful for;

Good, wherever good might be

In galaxy-studded heights

Or shining, dappled sea

Yet look into her black-hole eyes

Examine her scar-crossed heart

Glitter-sprinkled stardust might

Shine brighter in the dark

Beset by tumbling nebulae

Her orbit ‘came unpathed

A new trajectory seemed set

For charts as yet ungraphed

Under heaven, nothing could

Prepare our girl for challenge faced

Her universe turned upside down

Destroyed beneath Orion’s gaze

Near five years, in van Gogh world

Were offered the best impression

The chance to twinkle, sparkle – lost

In the nova of depression

No more blinded, moon-dewed eyes

Like sleeping satellites

Her life now gouged wide open

As though by errant meteorite

Brought down to earth: obliterated

Broken. Torn. Undone.

Like Icarus in Jazz she chose

To fly into the sun

Perhaps the burning tempered her

Perhaps it will, with time

Her empty hands, beset with dross

Once more, must learn to shine.


In a Sky Full of Stars