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I remember

The day of smoke and blood

When bodies and ash

rained from the sky.


I remember

the day men held innocence hostage,

judged it guilty,

and executed it

-death by hellfire.


I remember

the ground shaking

as buildings crumbled,

and all wore shades of gray.

Death colors us all the same.


But I remember

how Courage walked the streets

and flew through the air

and heroes were born

and they gave us hope,

though some died

and we cried for their sacrifice.


Most of all,

I remember the silence

as the world mourned,

and strangers comforted

others in the streets as compassion,

not fear,

brought us all together

as one.


Sing, Black Bird, Sing


Sing, little Black Bird, sing your song,

Tell us all where we went wrong.

Sing, little Black Bird, tell us the truth,

How it all started in earth’s early youth.


Sing, little Black Bird, tell the awful tale,

How hate and violence tried to prevail.

But sing, little Black Bird, sing also of kindness;

Tell us of those others, our greatest and finest.


Sing, little Black Bird, tell us why

You wear those ribbons waving high.

Sing, little Black Bird, sing your song-

To come together is to be strong.


Sing, little Black Bird, sing to remember,

Those who were lost that mid-September.

Sing little Black Bird, never let us forget:

Hate and violence lead to regret.


*In remembrance for many things.