You May Love


You may love – be sure to keep your distance.
You may care but don’t beget insistence.
You may wish; you won’t get what you wanted
It never could have been the same as what you thought – you’re thwarted. Continue reading


Removing Oneself from the Equation



Say you never hurt me. Say it again.

Because maybe then, as you say it, it will be true.

Yes, this is how we are now. This is how we’ve always been,

You’ve just ignored your part in the process.

As you said, actions speak louder than words,

and, baby, your actions are a fucking war zone.

Go ahead, say you never hurt me.

The scars on my heart tell a different story.

Sing, Black Bird, Sing


Sing, little Black Bird, sing your song,

Tell us all where we went wrong.

Sing, little Black Bird, tell us the truth,

How it all started in earth’s early youth.


Sing, little Black Bird, tell the awful tale,

How hate and violence tried to prevail.

But sing, little Black Bird, sing also of kindness;

Tell us of those others, our greatest and finest.


Sing, little Black Bird, tell us why

You wear those ribbons waving high.

Sing, little Black Bird, sing your song-

To come together is to be strong.


Sing, little Black Bird, sing to remember,

Those who were lost that mid-September.

Sing little Black Bird, never let us forget:

Hate and violence lead to regret.


*In remembrance for many things.