#OCtPoWriMo Day 2: Void



Alone, I walk this desolate land

Though friends I see on either hand

Walking along with downcast head

On this path our weary feet do tread.


Barren dunes under a quiescent sky

Phantom battles magnify

Over and over lost words we said

On this path our weary feet do tread.


Into the void to gain perspective

To survive Life’s ravages our objective

To emerge restored despair we bled

On this path our weary feet do tread.


*Day 2’s offering for #OctPoWriMo. I enter the void a lot. In fact, I’ve lived there this summer and am currently trying to fight the current and find my way to shore. The void is necessary, I think, to prepare your spirit to face more struggle. Life is beautiful but it is also hard and can be terrifying; it is necessary to cultivate a place to simply exist without emotion because carrying the weight on your shoulders is exhausting. I’ve tried to evoke how I feel when I’m in the void in my attempt at a Kyrielle. Though we feel all alone in the vastness of the place, the void is actually rather crowded because we are all there fighting many of the same battles. However, it often feels as if a chasm exists between us all, doesn’t it?