#OctPoWriMo-Day 2: Poems and Notes to You

Termination Notification

By Jesi Scott


Hastily scribbled,

His goodbye was four words long

-Short and to the point-


Breaking up is hard to do,

Or so all the sad songs say.


* Day 2-Write a poem or note to “you”, whether it be to yourself or someone else. Find your audience and then write a tanka or cinquain. I chose to write a tanka, though both would have lent itself well to my poem. But I like writing tankas, which is why I chose it. Poem is non-autobiographical; it could be anyone. Usually, notes are short and to the point and I love how the poetic form emphasizes that feeling.


#OctPoWriMo Day 1: Surrender


By Jesi Scott


Smoking cannons aimed and fired,

A war-torn ship plundered of its treasure

And left to sink beneath the waves


The wounded captain

Accepts her fate,

The ragged white flag she holds

Hangs lifeless in her shaking hand.


*OctPoWriMo has begun. Day 1 prompt: Surrender. This year’s theme is Love (in all it’s forms and feelings). Today’s prompt is all about letting go and giving in, not the textbook definition of giving up. I explored the battle we fight with the change of surrendering. It’s hard to give in and accept whatever it is that we are fighting, whether that be in confronting our fear of stepping out of our comfort zones, or accepting our fate and taking that leap of faith anyway. The white flag in my poem is simply the old way of thinking being let go (surrendered) as the captain accepts whatever it is waiting for her on the other side. I dedicate this one to Rod Kok, and how bravely he is surrendering and moving forward in spite of his fear. For his love of this craft we call poetry.