Dear Beans

Dark Pit Infertility

Dear Beans

I thought of you

Today, cos


I may – for

Pregnancy and

Infant loss;

Awareness raised

With grief at

Life’s great cost.

Or is it death

Which still

Exacts its dues?

In losing you

I had no chance

To choose, but

lost again, though

Now I can think

That somewhere

In the aether

You have a brother

Each – To care

Whilst I can care

For neither.

Yet my dears

I care so much

And thrilled to

Hope one day

I’d feel your touch

Yet life or fate or

Destiny deemed

Somehow through

Lack of worth, or


That we would

Just have time to

Feel a tiny bit


Before you were

Cut off:

Your lives

(And ours)




For J&S

Always (but never quite) mine

And really real.

I love you ❤