Growing Onwards and Upwards

Take my fledgeling heart

And help me fly

Show me how to trail a banner

Of love across the sky

Feed me mites of Good

And teach me a cheery song

Hold my trembling frailty

Let me know I belong


Take my sapling soul

And help me grow

Let me settle deep, strong roots

To counter storms that blow

Be with me through lush springs

Bright summers; winters bare

Let me show you each new leaf

I turn; confirm you care


Take my nurseling self

And help me stand

Wobbly-legged, still raw

Let me take your hand

I’ll learn, absorb, explore

But know that I am safely

Yours, until I can walk

Head high, secure, and wholly me.


Sapling Heart


I’d dedicate this properly, but honestly, there are too many of you who should be here. So if you know that you’re one of my People, this is for you ❤