Learning To Dance


Holding back,

watching them, watching us

fighting to try, to see beyond the pain,

marking the line in between

waiting for the first to make a move

we begin only to stop for the rain.


Then they come, demons on the wind,

and we crouch with shields above

as the dead on cold ground are lain.

Thunder roars and we meet them,

blood pounding in our veins,

and so we begin learning how to dance

in the rain.


Voices ignored as men drown out,

their Lilliputian minds closed to the sun

we defend them, too,

though cases reversed we’d hang,

but we still have to try to hold back the flood

until our dying breaths say “we’re done”.


For freedom means more than miniscule men,

and someday they’ll realize we did this for them,

with nothing more than liberty our gain

we tried to teach them how to dance in the rain.


The Awakening


Standing her ground above the seas

She feels a change in the breeze.

Still, she stands defiant and forthright,

Hope’s beacon burning bright.


And she says:

“Beware the storm you’ve brought to life,

Even the cold can cut like a knife.

Beware those you now forsake.

Now, the lions will wake.


Never forget the imprisoned lightning I hold.

I raise my torch, proud and bold.

And still I cry “Send them to me!

I accept all, and their diversity.”


Even you, who proudly proclaim

That hate with which you’ve won your fame.

Even you live here in the land of the free,

You, and all the new bourgeoisie.


But now the tempest has been unleashed.

Now, you’ve let loose the beast.

Now comes the killing snake.

Now the lions are awake.


In Revolution’s fire you will burn,

And those, who you now spurn,

Will find that Justice will shine

And eradicate those orders asinine.


Soon, your power will be taken,

Now that the lions have awakened.

Retribution comes like a burning itch.

Karma is such a bitch.


And here I’ll stand, tall and sure,

A woman whose like you’ve never seen before.

So, beware my wrath, my teeming shore,

For lions guard Freedom’s door.”


*inspired by Katy Perry’s new song Chained to the Rhythm

Freedom from fairytales


Freedom from fairytales
If all we are is shadows
And stardust waiting to return
We never need fear being
And can revel in the freedom
Of our disenchantment.
No call on us to heed
A single second’s breath
We are alive, we live
So what? Is death
The end of everything
We wished for
Or is it simply
Unbeing? Returning
To the ashes and dirt
We came from
Before we learned
To rub those into our wounds
And make them worse.
Is it release,
When hope and pain are over?
Our breath will cease
To matter to what remains
And those we leave behind
Can take our stories
Find the plot-holes
And leave us in peace.


With big thanks to poetry-channel-supreme, Jackie Coiffa, whose poem ‘Shadow People‘ inspired this.

A Hypothetical Conclusion

Peace Rose

Go! Go! Go!

Hands grip, arms pull

Legs piston furiously

Windblown tears streak down

Unfeeling cheeks


Go! Go! Go!

Blood hums through veins

Determination pulsing

Each tyred mile

Beneath my wheels


Go! Go! Go!

Joints scream, muscles shriek

Sweat burns my hollow eyes

Breath rasps into burning lungs

Mea culpa and be silent, tempted tongue.


Go! Go! Go!

I outstrip others 1, 2, 3

Knowing when I return

Stripped, reflected failure

Is all I will see


Go! Go! Go!

I glimpse a guttered bird

Eyes wide and flyblown

Unnatural angles of impact

In peach-grey feathered shroud


Go! Go! Go!

Envy rises like bile

For the dove at peace

My salt-slicked body feels alive

My stagnant spirit rotten on the half-shell


Go! Go! Go!

Mind whirs nonsense

Spinning alongside my wheels

My heartbeat rises black

Behind my eyes


Go! Go! Go!

Brain filled with white noise

No sense of the impending

Rainbow explosion of sound

My thoughts have hurtled too far


Go! Go! Go!

I am flying; accidentally free

There will be flowers

At the roadside

And peace for me