#OctPoWriMo-Day 3: Insecurity


By Jesi Scott


Another text, another call,

Another beat-my-head-on-wall.

I say I do, he says I don’t,

He cannot see, he won’t; he’s causing his own downfall.


So he holds on tightly; I can’t breathe,

The anger between us does seethe.

You can feel the coming of war,

Though I try to ignore fate’s warning and ensheathe


The sword, his insecurity,

He clearly drew in surety

Of my transgressions towards him.

The truth grows dim; love slips into obscurity.


* I’m a little late getting this out today but I am done with Day 3’s prompt. Suggested form: the florette. Subject: Insecurity. I wrote about the extreme side of insecurity in a relationship once it’s insidious fingers have gotten a hold.