#OctPoWriMo Day 8-Moments of Madness

Alice and the White Rabbit

By Jesi Scott


“Tick tock goes the clock,”

He said in my dream,

Then began a litany of names

That had been mine, it seems.


And all day long I wondered why.

What did it even mean?

“Tick tock goes the clock.”

What once was has been.


Then he stood behind my back

And brought his arms around.

“Tick tock goes the clock;

Now we two are bound.”


His voice was low in my ear,

His breath against my neck.

Tick tock goes the clock,

And I am held in check.


Heart-shaped chairs in a white room,

He asked which one I liked.

“Tick tock goes the clock.

Beware the tea is spiked.”


So we spin and spin again

Until our legs give out.

Tick tock goes the clock;

All else is left in doubt.


Still he holds me in his arms,

My dream is almost done.

Tick tock goes the clock.

Now the real fun has begun.


“Tick tock goes the clock,”

His voice in my head.

“Run, run fast as you can…

“Tick tock, tick tock,” he said.


*Written during one of my writing sessions over the summer, I had a dream where I was Alice and someone else was the White Rabbit and there was definite madness going on. Since Day 8’s prompt was moments of madness I thought what could be more perfect than a dream about Alice in Wonderland? As for the month’s love theme, well, I hope you get the sense of it in the poem as that was what the dream was about anyway. It all comes down to our choices.


Beyond the Fog


Beyond the Fog

By Jesi Scott


Find your way o’er enchanted seas

Loose the sail and catch the breeze

Bring your heart and bend the knee

Come and stay with me


Seize the day and make your start

Don’t be blinded by the dark

Stay the course, the fog will part

Come and claim my heart


In the earth, we’ll delight

We, the heavens will excite

Love is always our birthright

Dance with me tonight


Loose the sail and catch the breeze

Bring your heart and be at ease

Find your way and live care free

Come and stay with me

Driving you WILD


Sit back

Let yourself sink in

I’ve a style all my own

But I’m built for comfort

And I know I’ll fit your skin

Like powdered leather

Gloves off – you need to feel this

Revel in the way I move

You know you fuel me

This is no exegesis

No room for interpretations

You saw the light in my eyes

You felt the zoom

And we were a done deal

You opened the door to my heart

Stepped in, and I’m sold

I’ll greet you with a

Revved up, glorying squeal

Each time you run your fingers

Along my outsides

And take me, melting,

Into your horizon

Double-clutch me baby

And get your gears on

We’re breathtaking, you know

We’ll treat each other right

Speed up  – take me for a spin

Each growl a halleluiah

Together we can ride all night.



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Reality checks



Times inside my mind spent

In glorious, sun-kissed haze

Turning everything around me

Alight, on fire, ablaze

The teenager I never was

Is reveling in these days

But reality checks and everything crashes down.


My heart begins to sparkle

On the edge of fantasy

Oh, the distance I would cross

To make you real to me

Our lives could be so perfect

And love win, eventually

Then reality checks, and everything crashes down.


Not ready to relinquish yet

This silly, pointless game

Let me imagine holding you

And whispering your name

Let me conceive of happiness

In light; in love – insane

Reality checks – and everything’s crashing down.


No more, no more! I’ll check these thoughts

Lest I get too confused

If you could only read my mind

You’d be…alarmed? Amused?

I’ll cling to this – our futures

Are in someway, somehow fused

Reality checked – already t’was all crashed down.