Softly through the greys

All your Nows

Hey, you
I hope that this will be fine
In echo of the way you asked;
In memory of the moments spent, when last
We were together outside time
Surprised, and softly through the greys.

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#NaPoWriMo Cut out the passion

Erasure Compassion



For other uses
The response motivates.
Really – act out!
Your way to hurt another
(Having an emotional aspect,
Cerebral notions may be considered rational.)
Sound judgement,
An aspect of which regards that.
IndividualsĀ  (given a property of
Passion is Latin)
More involved than
Simple desire, though
Not inevitably,
The social context in ethical terms
Often embodies by implication the principle
Do unto others; love together.

[Thus, related,
One who suffers from virtue
Is considered as
Among the Great.]




Today’s prompt was to write an Erasure poem, which I’ve never tried before BECAUSE I REFUSE TO KILL A BOOK (and I have no magazines worth trying) so I found a Wikipedia page and changed THAT instead. BO YAH!