Judgment Day



White wraiths across the rocky ground

Like foxes to their burrows.

Run from death’s heralds as they watch

From hidden places

Behind barren trees,

Appear up from the soil,

Black clad figures, ragged robes abrading the ground,

They follow

With skeletal hands outstretched

To snatch life away,

Unforgiving predators chasing pale, flightless birds.



Chase the pill with the bottle,

The needle into the vein.

Fly the high to heaven’s gate

Till hell brings you back again.

From hidden places,

Behind dumpsters and cardboard boxes,

Appear ghosts from fevered dreams.

No life everlasting,

Mortal flesh decaying,

We lay on marble thrones,

As the wind whines through our bones.


*this is what happens when you begin writing a zombie story while listening to Sia’s Loved Me Back to Life.


Deathbed Confessional

Deathbed Confessional - welltemperedbards.wordpress.com

Did you ever want to unburden yourself to the dying
To take them into your confidence
As though your presence were mere
Coincidence, as though you hadn’t
Sought them out, hung up on the
Thought that maybe their position Continue reading

A Hypothetical Conclusion

Peace Rose

Go! Go! Go!

Hands grip, arms pull

Legs piston furiously

Windblown tears streak down

Unfeeling cheeks


Go! Go! Go!

Blood hums through veins

Determination pulsing

Each tyred mile

Beneath my wheels


Go! Go! Go!

Joints scream, muscles shriek

Sweat burns my hollow eyes

Breath rasps into burning lungs

Mea culpa and be silent, tempted tongue.


Go! Go! Go!

I outstrip others 1, 2, 3

Knowing when I return

Stripped, reflected failure

Is all I will see


Go! Go! Go!

I glimpse a guttered bird

Eyes wide and flyblown

Unnatural angles of impact

In peach-grey feathered shroud


Go! Go! Go!

Envy rises like bile

For the dove at peace

My salt-slicked body feels alive

My stagnant spirit rotten on the half-shell


Go! Go! Go!

Mind whirs nonsense

Spinning alongside my wheels

My heartbeat rises black

Behind my eyes


Go! Go! Go!

Brain filled with white noise

No sense of the impending

Rainbow explosion of sound

My thoughts have hurtled too far


Go! Go! Go!

I am flying; accidentally free

There will be flowers

At the roadside

And peace for me