#OctPoWriMo Day 6-Conquered


By Jesi Scott



He does it, he says, to get a rise out of me.

Then, when I don’t react the way he wants me to,

He says my response is inappropriate.


All because I don’t find it funny,

His constant criticism

Or the one-sided verbal sparring

Where he must always prove himself superior;


Those arguments where,

No matter what I say,

The words become knife twists

On his tongue,


And he’s the only one finding humor

In the stressful situation

He’s created.


And I wonder, after I’ve managed to

Numb the pain once again,

If he thinks I’m so inferior,

Why is he always trying to be right?


*Day 6 poem is done. I’m four days late due to illness and only just feeling better today. My poem is about the battle rather than the victory or loss. 


Angry Kettles


Angry, blistering, snarling,

My kettle needs attending to,

It is screaming for my attention.


Inside it boils skin-burning


“Pour me out!” it cries,

Steam pouring from the only escape route.


I hurry to stop its ear-piercing screech,

Unsure of what it says about me…

Am I alleviating its pain?

Or assuaging my own?


*No pic today to go with this. Letting it speak for itself.

#OctPoWriMo Day 5: Sharp


Angry girl,

why do you run with scissors on your tongue?

One fall

and down comes all.


Angry girl,

Sharp words enemies make to rake

you over the coals.

Release those goals.


Angry girl,

Acid words cut like swords.

Forgive, and let go your pain.

Be cleansed and smile again.


Angry girl,

Why do you run with scissors on your tongue?

One fall,

and down comes all.


*Really have no idea the inspiration for this one. Thinking about sharp things and sharp words so arguments came to mind and I began writing. Along the way the idea came to me about how whenever we’re angry we say things to wound, or we might walk away and do something dangerous or that can hurt someone or ourselves. I’ve heard people laugh and make jokes about running with scissors but it’s never funny when the thing you least expect actually happens. In fact, it’s sort of breath-taking and shocking, even though you were warned. I titled this one Pointed Words-a little tongue in cheek there.

Keep her caged

I will stand strong

All that you don’t see when anger paces round
Her brain; her muscles tense when it won’t back down
The things you can’t envisage, though she imagines them now
Keep her caged, keep her caged, and stay calm somehow

Things you don’t hear, which her inner voice screams
Times you don’t fear cos she won’t say what she means
Envisioning the havoc which could be unleashed
Keep her caged, keep her caged, ‘til the storms have ceased

Moments you’ll never know she’s just hanging on
Everything she won’t show ‘til you’re already gone
Hackles raised, teeth bared, and fists clenched tight
Keep her caged, keep her caged, then you’ll be alright

You might just sometimes catch it in a glint of her eye
A fleeting, fearsome glimmer as emotions run high
If you hear her voice has turned as cold and deadly as ice
Keep her caged, keep her caged, and try to stay nice

If someone hurts someone she loves, then it’s no surprise
That ideations play behind those murderous eyes
She wants to hunt them down and vent the force of her rage
If you want to keep them safe, keep her caged, keep her caged.