She lived her life dessicated,

An arid desert in the heat of summer…

Dusty sand that scours raw the skin

And the few crumbling brown plants,

dead for lack of moisture.


Then came the storms

With drops that hissed and sizzled,

And drowned the parched land

Bringing life to the xeriscape,

And hope bloomed in profusion.


*First new poem of 2018


17 comments on “Oasis

  1. Al Lane says:

    I’ve missed your poetry, my friend…so reading this lifts me doubly! ♥

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    • Jesi Scott says:

      Hi Al! I am having so many issues with my blog. Can’t update wordpress, or Jetpack, or pretty much anything and its driving me nuts. That’s why I haven’t been posting. Even I am having trouble accessing my site. Plus, health issues have sucked but are getting much better, thankfully. And after a wonderful lunch with friends I feel uplifted, supported, and inspired. Hopefully I’ll be writing more now. But I’m taking it one day at a time. Nice to know you are still in my fan club. 😊

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  2. bobcabkings says:

    Its good to see you back, Jesi. This is lovely.

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  3. bobcabkings says:

    Reblogged this on cabbagesandkings524 and commented:
    At The Well Tempered Bards, Jesi Scott brings a poem of reborn hope.

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  4. Lizzi says:

    Thank goodness for hope, and for friendship 💝💝💝

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  5. Nice… love seeing Hope bloom…as well as the author!


    • Jesi Scott says:

      Thank you, Sherri. Trying to bloom in spite of the heat. 🙂

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      • I was thinking about you and your gift with words. I hope you are saving all your work in a nice safe place, because you are one of very few gifted poets and one day you will be able to share with the world. (I know because It happened to me…)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jesi Scott says:

          LoL. I am paranoid about my work so I write on paper first then transfer to the computer. Once there I burn on cd, then save to flash drives and upload to cloud servers, and save to our hard drives here at home. The paper copies I keep where I can find them quickly and away from anything that might catch fire (in a locked safe-some are in a fireproof safe, which I must get a larger one soon). And I thank you for your lovely compliment. It is so appreciated. Your words and advice mean the world to me and I credit you for being the inspiration to try. Seeing you do it and reach your goals and doing so well gives me the courage to keep pushing forward, even when I begin to feel bogged down. You are a treasure.

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