What Happens When You Build Walls



They built a wall to keep the waves at bay,

And, for a time, it worked.

But all the glaciers melted increasing the seas

and the waves grew larger

and the wall grew higher…

until it blocked out the sky

and they couldn’t see the stars anymore.


*Inspired by current events and Lizzi’s trip to Kenya.



5 comments on “What Happens When You Build Walls

  1. gracias por compartir

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  2. zoe says:

    I fear its coming true… Ihavent been here in a while but glad to see it thriving
    Thank you! Zoe

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    • It is. I don’t know about you but I sense a civil war (ultimately turning into a third world war because once the U.S. is weakened its enemies will pounce) coming. We are literally on the brink right now and those who care are being ignored and there’s nothing, really, that can stop it. But still, it’s important to speak up in whatever way we can.



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