Cycle of man


Life is full of circles
Cycles of disappointment
Happiness spun in
Dizzying spirals
And always the larger orbit
Of years
Grinding away 
To their own tune,
Rolling around
Season by season
Decade by decade
A world on repeat
Spinning endlessly
Destined to bring
Another dose of
Very much the same.

That said, I thought
You might be different
Might break the mold
Prove one of the
Very best (which
In real terms seems
To be the equivalent
Of anyone else’s
‘Decent Human Being’
But nay, we indulge you,
Allow extra encouragement;
You need it)
We cling to hope
We snag loaves
And crumbs of goodness
When they’re offered
And we sing
We sing
We sing
Because we think
Cynicism was wrong
That you truly are
That One.

And then the cycle
Plays on out
The way we knew
From long before
We pick our shattered
Pieces up,
Our dreams left bleeding
On the floor
We realise
For the umpteenth time
Things don’t change
You’re all the same.

Yet somehow we
Learn to hope


2 comments on “Cycle of man

  1. valj2750 says:

    Wow, Lizzi. Hope is part of the cycle. I love the cadence of the poem, it fits so well with the themes.

    Liked by 1 person


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