Tell me to keep going one more time

Because you think I can do it

Tell me everything is possible

As long as I want it bad enough

Oh, but don’t you know


Sometimes the pain is too much

And I’ve no more stamina

My endurance is pushed to its limits

And I can’t keep going.


Where are you then

Where are you then

When I’m on my knees

I’ve given in

Where are you then

Where are you then


Take these pills

It will get better

Keep going

You’re made of strength


Oh, but don’t you know

Determination only goes so far

When the demons come out to play

And don’t you know, oh, don’t you know

They know where my darkest fears reside


Where are you then

Where are you then

When the world attacks and my cave crashes in

Where are you then

Where are you then

When I’ve given in


Keep your blue stripes

Keep your rainbow ribbons

I’ve got no more stamina

Endurance pushed to the limits

It’s time to simply…




*Not everything can be cake and ice cream days. Sometimes you’ve got to just let the storm rage and make it through. Not that it’s raging for me currently but somewhere someone’s storm is hurricaning through them. (Yes, I made that a verb.) This is what it feels like for me when I just can’t take anymore “helpful” consolation, even though I know they mean well.


12 comments on “Broken

  1. bobcabkings says:

    This is such a clear expressing of those times. The dilemma has its other side too, how to help when nothing helps, but just to be there with the pain and endure that powerlessness to change it. Then the answer to “Where are you then” needs to be, “Right here, by your side.” Thank you, Jessica.

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    • Thank you, Bob. This came from many different sources: the 7th would have been my dad’s 67th birthday and I was missing him, the 9/11 anniversary, and all of the shootings and hate that have been in the news lately. I guess a part of me is just tired of all the mess and talk people are doing with no discernible changes actually being made. I think I just needed to voice what people feel when there’s nothing they can do and they just feel like giving up but everyone tells them not to do so.

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  2. bobcabkings says:

    Reblogged this on cabbagesandkings524 and commented:
    How can one help when nothing helps?

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  3. Lizzi says:

    I know that feeling all too well – that there are times when I’m completely ready to give up, and all the encouragement and placations just don’t work any more. I’m glad you’re not there now, but I so get that place. *hugs*

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    • I am in this place a lot and there are times I just wish everyone would stop trying to comfort me or help because sometimes the only help is to just let me be alone. Let me give up for a little while. Although, I completely acknowledge those times when someone is there anyway, and I’m grateful for it.

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  4. UP says:

    What Anna said!!

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  5. djmatticus says:

    You are amazing. You are loved.
    And I’m where I always am. I may not always be helpful. I may not always speak up, offer a shoulder, send hugs, etc… But, I’m always here. And I’m not alone.
    That being said… I get this post. Sometimes there is nothing to be said or done but let the pain and rage and sadness out.

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