I just want

All your Nows

I just want to hold your hand as roiling thunder storms
To let you know it was your touch – t’was then I was reborn
I just want to dance, rain drenched, entranced, electrified
To hold and taste and feel, and see the lightning in your eyes

I just want to walk with you on limpid wave-washed shores
To wander on an endless beach and know, for now, I’m yours
I just want to wake, sun-baked, to share the summer’s charms
To ride against the tide of you, encircled in your arms

I just want to lay with you in meadows flower-strewn
To stroke your arm and see if there our spirits might attune
I just want to romp with you in finely powdered snow
To shriek with glee and freeze and warm again in fiery glow

I just want to scale the heights and say the world is ours
To show you stars of endless nights as moments become hours
I just want to dive and lose us both in azure hue
To cherish every dreamscaped wonderous moment spent with you


What happens when jetlag kicks your butt at 2.30am and you ping awake – you start composing poetry (probably very BAD poetry) in your head…and then can’t remember it all by morning, and by evening, frankly, you have to re-craft the entire thing from snippets and echoes. 

18 comments on “I just want

  1. stuckinscared says:

    WOW-BLOODY-WOW! You really should have a little more faith in yourself. This is stunning! REALLY! x

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  2. stuckinscared says:

    OMG… FRIST. Is this my first-frist?! 😀

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  3. bobcabkings says:

    Whether twas writ a 2:30am or, more amazingly, put together from re-collected snippets and stray hints later, its BOOM on and sweet lovely.

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  4. bobcabkings says:

    Reblogged this on cabbagesandkings524 and commented:
    What Lizzi wants – don’t we all have someone – past, present, or imagined future we want such with.

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  5. leannelc says:

    If that’s what comes from 2.30am wake ups, maybe I should set my alarm for the middle of the night 🙂

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  6. I would have loved to hear the original because the recreation is amazing. You have a lovely way with words.

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    • Lizzi says:

      Thank you so much, Carol 🙂 I wish I could remember the original…I remember really liking it, and I know there are lines here which seem to remind me of it… 🙂


  7. UP says:

    Don’t sell yourself short!

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  8. This. Is. Amazing.

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