Your Something Means Something

Your Something Means Something -

I see you there
Blue eyes
Pink hair
Peaches’n’cream complexion
And looking like
Butter wouldn’t melt
Whilst I know
Beneath your
Picturesque perfection
Whirls a storm
Of wondering.
Wandering, adrift;
Mapless, or sometimes
Without signpost
And the gut instinct
That maybe
You’ve gotten lost.
Out it pours –
The many-pathwayed
Rush of thought,
Falling into words
In desperate bid to make
Of anything.
Of being.
Of being HERE.
Of being here and who and how
You are, and why
You make a difference.
Which you do.
For as you wander
(And wonder)
You leave a little trail
A smattering of breadcrumbs
A trail of glittering lamps
Within the gloom
Of unknowing
And gradually
With each brave step
You show a way
Of being
Because your Something
Means something
To someone.
Each day
You’re leaving
For others
To consider
Very few people (well, maybe more people than I think, in fact) tend to inspire poetry from me as instantly as this poem happened, but it happened anyway, in response to something my friend Rachel E. Bledsoe, of Misfits of a Mountain Mama, said.


17 comments on “Your Something Means Something

  1. Well… I’m gonna get teary eyed. Thank you. Thank you so very much. These words were much needed, dear friend.

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    • Lizzi says:

      I’m so glad you like it. I’m so glad you always wonder out loud, because it gives such hope to people like me, who so often just wonder.


  2. bobcabkings says:

    You wander (wondering) beautifully Lizzi, and inspiration moves from heart to heart to heart. reblogging

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  3. bobcabkings says:

    Reblogged this on cabbagesandkings524 and commented:
    Lizzi wanders in poetry

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  4. Samara says:

    I love this poem. I particularly like the short, clipped sentences. It’s a different rhythm than how you usually write, isn’t it?

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  5. Look at that. Words begetting words. Love this

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  6. stuckinscared says:

    Stunning poetry, Lizzi. …

    “Because your Something
    Means something
    To someone.”…

    Beautiful! Everyone is somebody’s Someone. x

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lovely. As usual. Very fluid.

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