All your Nows

All your Nows


Already a part of my Then
And then things changed
You became part of my urgent present
Rushing, cramming, indulging;
Gorging in readiness for the famine
That slow, bittersweet yearning
Borne of separation
Our Now in tattered crumbs
Snatched gratefully, desperately
Grabbing in-between times and lives
Jinked and jilted but still trickling in
This time; this gift; this Present
But presently you came
To the matter of Forever
Thought thoughts I’d thunk
Raised concerns I cannot deny
Nor shrink
Nor answer
Except to say okay
Maybe you have a point about tomorrow
But maybe tomorrow never has to come
If, instead, you give me
All your Nows

2 comments on “All your Nows

  1. That’s pretty freaking beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person


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