A Smooth(ie) Move


Apple, banana, a sprinkle of green tea
(powdered), spring water, blueberries – see?
I’ll blend them up and make them smooth
No way such fruits could ever prove
Themselves as whole, for in their form
As originals, it’s not the norm
To eat so many, yet in a cup
All blended down, we sup and sup
And sup some more – this stuff’s our jam
We’ll post it all on Instagram;
Whatever recipe we’ve found; ­­of berries, seeds,
Yoghurt, honey, spices, weeds?
Veggies, spinach – superfoods
Just drink them down, and be amused
By sudden, sharp controversy
‘Cos kale’s the devil and tastes like pee
And ‘fore you know it, you’re entrenched
In arguments which just commenced
From amongst the hoards
Of lurkers, stalkers, ‘terminally bored’s
Each with their idea will come
“Try it with lychee – it tastes YUM!”
Have it with pineapple! Change the greens!
They’ve all got opinions, it seems
But hang on in there, and get set
Cos trust me – you ain’t seen nothing yet
Enter the hardcores – paleos display
An intrest…or vegans…or those who eat clay
(You think I’m kidding? It’s ground up dust
Or fossils, chelated minerals and must
Oh MUST be good for you – NASA use it
Don’t bother to Google or try to prove it
Just take my word) Good grief! Hell’s bells!
The conversation twists and swells
To factions, farmer’s-market-pitching
Fruit and veg towards your kitchen
Each with a line of thought to prove
To make your drink just that
Little bit


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