OCTPOWRIMO Day …what day is it?

***Still down with whatever…After this dream I went and took care of my dehydration problem…
20120315092504_sequoia-coast-redwoods-muir-woods-415114_621x320 source

Restless dreaming…

Redwood trees push into the skyline with dizzying perspectives.

The eerie opening of some ancient coffer breaks the silence.

Only branches overhead, I sigh in relief.

Gazing upward,

It’s descending with talons open!

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13 comments on “OCTPOWRIMO Day …what day is it?

  1. A bit frightening, those talons.


  2. I often think morning descends with talons…


  3. icnia says:

    Wow. This is REALLY good.


  4. J Lapis says:

    I agree with Lisa–too often morning descends with talons…. Great write!


  5. What is it about those redwoods? I had a dream a while ago that I was flying through redwoods held in a very big bird’s talons. And I was sober and well.
    Feel better soon.



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