Philosophy 101

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Why do you suppose

when I envision butterflies on the breeze,

Somewhere from deep in my psyche

Mothra materializes in a tempest?


Why is my happy place always

on the high seas in a hurricane?

The unstrung, restless beating of my heart,

endangered by the power of a nature not my own.


Is it naive to think I will have no regrets

for putting myself in the eye of the storm?

Chaos- the poor, disabled man’s adventure.

I crave exhilaration before extinction.


Am I a lunatic?

Or simply a philosopher?

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16 comments on “Philosophy 101

  1. Karin says:

    “I crave exhilaration before extinction.” – This is one of the best lines I’ve ever read. Great kickoff to OctPoWriMo!


  2. Love. Really not sure I have 31 poems in 31 days in me, but for some odd reason I’m attempting to do this…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bastet says:

    Why indeed to we seek thrilling exhilaration – a bit of spice I think to make the doldrums pass – love the flow of your poem … very nicely composed!


  4. I agree with Karin, that is a great line! I can feel the craving within the poem, great job! Thanks for linking up with OctPoWriMo!


  5. Grace Black says:

    Wonderful start to 31 days!


  6. Candy says:

    Ah, something to ponder.


  7. Plum S. says:

    This is a great line: “I crave exhilaration before extinction.”


  8. valj2750 says:

    I like this philosophy of yours!


  9. You know, philosophers were considered lunatics by their peers at one point. And here’s the kicker, most philosophers were also poets. 😉
    I loved this…very poignant.



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