The Crushing Dragon

The fun is in the maybe
I’ve developed a hopeless and dragon-y crush
Who takes flight at the sound of your voice
She crept in so quiet, so gentle and small
Now she has my heart caught in a vice

Her arrival was really unwonted
A flirt of her wings and therein
She roared very soft and blew smoke-rings
Shaped as hearts, which just made me grin

She sat quite benign on my shoulder
And warmed up my world with her sparks
But quite soon she began to take over;
Could have all, or the sum of my parts

She whispers encouragement to me
Whiffles tiny bright words in my ear
When I see you she flies into cartwheels
Reminds me you, too, hold me dear

But she’s green, that small dragon, and nervous
For she knows she has misjudged her part
She arrived and won’t leave but she knows she can’t stay
And so sinks her claws deep in my heart

She watches and waits to berate me
She tells me I’m doing it wrong
She says I’m a fool cos I kept her
Though she desperately wants to belong

I’ve tried so, so hard to extinct her
Even shut her away in a box
But somehow the magic of you, dear
Undoes every one of my locks

She’s happy as long as you are, love
When you’re sad then she lies down and howls
If someone upsets you, her hackles go up
And she bares all her teeth and she growls

She shows me all good things about you
And purrs with delight at your words
She tries to find self-centric meaning
(Which is likely invented, not heard)

She mostly just wants me to keep you
If I can, and embetter your world
But she thinks my success is unlikely
So her hopes are all kept tightly furled

She’s so very pleased with “I love you”s
Her pretty eyes get very wide
But I’m struggling to keep her in shadows
Cos I think that she still needs to hide

I don’t know what to do ’bout this dragon
I don’t think I can set her free yet
She’s untamed and I hope she won’t scare you
In the meantime I’ll take what I get


4 comments on “The Crushing Dragon

  1. Serins says:

    Dragons are magic, and special – as are you and this poem. Love it and you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gorgeous! Magic…just like you and your writing. Xo
    *makes note to send Lizzi something today…

    Liked by 1 person


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