Perfect; sunset

Each Night For Your Eyes Only


Lo! And there the first glimpse can be seen
Twixt piles of soft and billowing clouds
Shining through the gaps and in between

Gradually her glory is displayed, inspired
It seems, to oh-so-slowly play ‘reveal’
For dusk, but now she sets the sky on fire

Golden fingers, arcing through, and deep
Into the cloud-bed, turning it to vapours
Incredible moments you just want to keep

Let her fill your soul; slow down and savour
As she shines and brightens all your edges
Sit back – enjoy – each night a different flavour

Lie back as she spreads her light atop the earth
Welcome her with open heart and outstretched arms
She is the bringer of light and warmth, hope and worth

She’ll dance with zephyrs, seeking to fill every space
Bask in her and surely she’ll delight to shine:
Pour sunbeam kisses on your upturned face

Let her paint your world rich in golden splendour
She’ll sparkle in your veins and gild your shadows
Before the night is here, no doubt you will surrender

She’ll take your breath away; you’ll ne’er forget
The exquisite glory of her going down
Each night for your eyes only – perfect; sunset.


17 comments on “Perfect; sunset

  1. I’m glad this fell out of your head.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lesliesholly says:

    My favorite part: “Golden fingers, arcing through, and deep
    Into the cloud-bed,” Lovely images, and I liked the rhymes, which I didn’t even notice at first because I was entranced by the rest of it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Linda Kay says:

    Lovely, just lovely.


  4. Linda Roy says:

    You’re so very talented Lizzi. This was gorgeous.



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