Let the water rise

Questionable love


A storm of sweet intensity like sudden summer rain

Your raindrops fall like bullets and I’m armourless again

I’m drenched and want to dance with you, but know I must refrain

So let the water rise as I fall drown


Not ready to recover yet; your whispers keep me breathing

I’m second-guessing nuances between the lines I’m reading

My soul could cope with ignorance but draws the line at thieving

So let the water rise as I fall drown


My sun-slicked heart denies the soon; the Now is ours to treasure

What worth in reasoned life, to me? Such love I cannot measure

Dismantle me – take every part – consume me at your leisure

So let the water rise as I fall drown.


Fie on my malfeasant soul, which shadow sparks and glims

With fingertips you blur and blur the line ’til all else dims

Bend me; break me; keep me, and absolve me of my whims

So let the water rise as I fall drown.




8 comments on “Let the water rise

  1. I love it. Very evocative and emotional.

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  2. Oh Lizzi… your poetry is just such a gift. This is exquisite. ā¤ You need to write a book of poetry… seriously.

    *LOVE you*

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  3. Consume me at your leisure — why I love this line….so angry….I don’t know but I love it.
    Always so much emotion in your words.

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    • lrconsiderer says:

      Awwwh THANK YOU! šŸ™‚ I don’t know whether it was an angry line or not – it felt…hm. Somewhere between disposable and wishing to be absorbed into the other. ( <— THIS is why I write poetry – I'm often surprisingly UNsuccinct at just words)



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